Stoma ventilation via BVM and pediatric mask

Stoma ventilation should be performed using a BVM with a pediatric mask attached. The smaller area of the pediatric mask allows for an easier ability to obtain a good seal than an adult mask would. The pediatric mask is placed over the stoma and held in place firmly to obtain an airtight seal. After a seal has been made, perform ventilations as you would normally, looking for adequate rise and fall of the chest. If needed, suction may be performed to clear secretions from the stoma and for as far as the provider can see. EMTs should not suction past a visible depth. If the patient is known to be a partial neck breather (meaning they still have an open airway above the stoma site) then their mouth and nose should be held closed and they should be ventilated through the stoma. In the case of a partial neck breather, a second rescuer is likely needed during transport.

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