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Location Arcata, California
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Completed 2010
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Students in Introduction to Design (Engr205), at Cal Poly Humboldt, worked with the Redwood Coast Energy Authority in Spring 2010 to build energy education boxes for classrooms in Humboldt County. These boxes are designed for different K-12 grade ranges and cover one of three topics: energy conservation, renewable energy or climate change. Each team designed one of the boxes shown below.

Teams/Projects[edit | edit source]

Each team's page documents their project, including problem definition, criteria, project design, testing results, images, tables and video.

Educational Level Renewable Energy Energy Conservation Climate Change
Grade K-4
Team JTRM - Power of Wind
Solar Saints - The Rad Triad
Cubic - Weather Warnings
The Power of Wind is a one hour lesson plan designed to educate fourth grade students on the basics of wind power. The students learn about the basics of wind, how wind turbines operate, and how wind power transfers electricity. The Rad Triad is designed to teach grades K-4 about conserving energy through a Chutes and Ladder like board game, a popup book and a sing-a-long song. Weather Warnings educates 3rd and 4th grade students, in one period, about climate change through a movie, three stations (ice melt, CO2 and a sea level rise map), and a worksheet.
Grade 5-8
Energy-Caters - Modeling Renewable Energy
Esquared - Bust-A-Watt
The Three Mengineers - Seas of Change
Modeling Renewable Energy is a three period lesson plan designed to educate sixth grade students on many types of renewable energy including wind, hydro, solar, wave, biomass. Lesson one is a hypothetical situation, Lesson two is a model landscape, Lesson three is a class debate. Bust-A-Watt educates middle school students through a weeklong curriculum about energy conservation through hands on activities, interactive discussions, home assessment assignments, and  a reflective art assignment. The Seas of Change educates fifth through eighth grade students about the polar ice caps melting effects of climate change through a hands-on model.
High School
Team Aero - Energy in a Cinch
Team Design Lab - CAN YOU WorKIT
Climate Crusaders - The Climate Connection
The Energy In A Cinch kit is designed to teach High School students about renewable energy through the use of a Windbelt. The kit contains a powerpoint presentation on RE and Wind, and material to build five complete Windbelts of various sizes. CAN YOU WorKIT is designed to teach high school student about conservation of energy. In one or two class periods students assemble and operate a hand crank electrical generators in order to understand the connection between work and energy. An activity worksheet helps students observe the amount of work that goes into powering every day appliances. The Climate Connection educates high school students about climate change through a few class periods. This three-part box includes an informative powerpoint lecture, a Cap-and-Trade game and a model greenhouse gas experiment.

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