Page 1 - Installation (not to scale)
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Location Quebec, Canada
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Instance of Water pump
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This document gives schematic drawings of the assembly and operation of a wind powered water pump. The drawings are accompanied by a list of parts and materials used in the pumps manufacturing.

Publisher[edit | edit source]

Brace Research Institute
MacDonald College
McGill University
Ste. Anne de Bellevue 800
Quebec, Canada

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Installation[edit | edit source]

Page 1 - Installation (not to scale)

Assembly[edit | edit source]

Page 2 - Assembly (not to scale)
Page 3 - Assembly

Piston and Piston Rod[edit | edit source]

Page 4 - Piston Rod (not to scale)
Page 5 - Piston (not to scale)

Washers and Piston Head[edit | edit source]

Page 6 - Schematic of Rubber Washer and Steel plate (not to scale)
Page 7 - Schematic of Black Steel Plates

Operation[edit | edit source]

Page 8 - Pump Operational Steps

Parts and Materials[edit | edit source]

Page 9 - List of Parts and Materials

List of Parts and Materials[edit | edit source]

  • 36 - Nut Bored at 8mm
  • 34 - Round HD-Screw 4mm
  • 32 - Nut 8mm
  • 30 - Iron Rod 8mm
  • 28 - Steel Plate 4mm
  • 26 - Steel Plate 4mm
  • 24 - Rubber Washer 5mm
  • 22 - Rubber Washer 5mm
  • 20 - Black Steel Plate 4mm
  • 18 - Black Steel Plate 4mm
  • 16 - Coupling 90mm/100mm
  • 14 - Galv. Pipe 33mm/42mm
  • 12 - Galv. Pipe 80mm/90mm
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Type Project
Keywords water pump, water, energy, renewable energy, appropriate technology, wind power, water supply, pumping
SDG Sustainable Development Goals SDG07 Affordable and clean energy
Authors Jessica Larmer
Published 2010
License CC-BY-SA-4.0
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