So you want to upturn the dominant paradigm, eh? Then you need the Global Village Construction Kit!

First, make sure you've evaluated everything you get from it first. Things like computers, oil and gas, electricity -- these things require massive infrastructure to deliver.

Second, make sure you've paid your debts to the past. This includes the Divine, and then you can start moving to complete independence. The plan's all made, it just takes people accepting responsibility for the sins of the past, things like Native American ethnocide, people who died who were innocent in your own bloodline, etc.

Then, and only then, can you move on to cultural separation, to what has been called Eden 2.0.

Some starters:

  • Only use second-hand equipment (used computers, used solar banks, etc.)
  • Accept nothing from the grid (water, electricity, trash hauling)
  • composting all of your waste or going through the course of reduce, reuse, recycle, repair until there's zero waste.
  • Creating your own currency

Ideally, there is no product or by-product that leaves your little villa which wasn't paid for by an outsider. These things will make sure you're karma free and building value rather than just wasting it or having a net zero effect.

Implement the perfection in Tao of Permaculture, and you'll be on your way to creating a million dollars of ecological value per year and more.

How do you know you're creating new value? Because people want your neuvo currency, of course!

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