Hi, I'm one of the former members of NextNet, Mark Janssen. I've got several pages to contribute for making independent communities. The pages I post here represent some of the best knowledge known for the planetary transition. They are not opinions, but they do transcend known, male-dominant science and economic theories sometimes. They come from the four prophesies on the planet. Please just let wiki work. Cheers!

Permaculture icon.png This user is a member with interest and knowledge in Permaculture.

Pages I've started:

  • Global Village Construction Kit (on behalf of the tool-making group which coined the phrase): keep a DeadEnd because of *
  • Herbalism
  • global village

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Ideal Labor Value of a kilowatt-hour is about $40. Such dollar amount represents about 1.3horse hired for an hour.

The Ideal Labor Value of a gallon of gasoline is roughly $80/gal. Since you're presumably getting value from its consumption, you can cut either in half.

Apparently no one ever quantified the value of the things the market doesn't make itself. But these resources belong to the People and without paying for what the resource is worth, it will be consumed for something FAR less, making the ugliest cities the world has ever seen.

Photovoltaics generate about 1500kwh/yr per 1000W system. That means that the average expected generation is about 4x your size(W)/day.

Trash should be deducted at a cost of approximately (-)$3/ft3 * $1/lb.

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