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Global Village Construction Kit

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Complete plan for creating your global village, making it independent of the "system", and creating new economic value with your own currency. It was created with the planetary transition, the Native Americans, and the original GVCK crew that named the concept.

Four primary parts:

Other things, like creating a power grid, dealing with the sick, or erecting a community center can be handled by these four (really the first two, but I'm saving you some time).

Did you hear that? PERFECT. You can now quantify different ecosystems and measure how they're performing.

There are other parts:

  • Open Source Hardware tools for making your village.
  • Open Source Currency Design to make everyone WANT some.
  • Open Religion: Yes, you will ultimately have to resolve your debts to both the divine Male and Female, but you'll be better for it.
  • Open Networking: Ad hoc, mesh networks to be free of the SYSTEM, yet stay connected.

These will amplify the things you're doing in the first four to make things run more efficiently (or fail faster).

There are two other issues: interfacing with the outer world and protecting yourself from it.

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