Here is a partial list of the organizations and people that have signed on to the OSN cause. To add a new member, just insert into the bulleted list below.

Newest members[edit | edit source]

If you want the name listed with a logo, either include a URL to your logo image, if already uploaded, indicate that with "(Image:imagename.png)". Soon (in a week or so), we will integrate the logos into the alphebetized table below.

Note: Member orgs should have: {{OSN Member}} inserted at the bottom of their respective organization article page here at Appropedia. If the page does not yet exist, please create a minimalist version by paraphrasing (or copy with permission) info from the org's "about us" page.

Alphabetized table of members[edit | edit source]

This table allows for easier checking whether a group is already present. and the eMagazine - William George Paul, Oakland, CA willipaul1 at

Suggested members[edit | edit source]

If you know an organization or individual who would be a good match for the Open Sustainability Network, then

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