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The Clarence Foundation is an international grantmaking organization based in Oakland, California, USA. Our mission is to promote and support donor engaged international philanthropy. We seek to engage donors at a heart level, so they may personally experience how their resources, and more importantly their involvement, can make a significant impact to help end world poverty.

The primary vehicle by which we pursue this mission is the global giving circle, where we organize groups of donors who pool their time, talent and resources to learn and make international grants together. The giving circle process enables participants to support one another while combining resources to maximize their impact. Perhaps most importantly, our members have the opportunity to dialogue directly with social change agents on the ground and observe first-hand how a comparatively small amount of funding can bring about significant social change and the transformation of countless lives.

In addition to our global giving circle programs, The Clarence Foundation operates a grantmaking program for individual donors who have a desire to engage in philanthropy with social change agents overseas.

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