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Summary of some selected editions.

171st Edition (Sept 23 - Oct 6, 2013) [Ecological Disaster in Aru Archipelago] by Trisno S. Sutanto

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500.000 hectare of forest in 6 islands of Aru Archipelago (Moluccas province) are now threatened to be lost forever. The local government already agree to change the forest to become sugar cane industry under PT Menara Group (consisted of 28 corporations) from Jakarta. Aru Archipelago is known as the only place in Moluccas province where the birds are living in a heavenly place together with Kangaroos and Black Cockatoos. Are we going to let this paradise gone forever and become the plantation for sugar cane industry?

113rd Edition (4th - 17th July 2011) An Excuse Action by Yudithia Chen An Excuse Action is inspired by Ghea Annisa, one of the group members of the Green Indonesia Youth Coalition (KOPHI) participant during the Pre-Congress I KOPHI. By doing this action, they informed people about the availability of trash around them. On May 1, 2011 known as the International Labor Day, the group carried the Excuse Action around the Hotel Indonesia located in Jakarta by collecting trash. This action is quite risky because in the same place, there was a big demonstration of workers. Although felt like a super-minority groups in a crowd of workers who were fighting for their fate, they started the action by collecting the garbage in the middle of a crowd and put the garbage in trash bags. However, words of "excuse me" is their main weapon. Quite surprise that not only demonstrators left rooms for them to collect the rubbish around the demonstration site, but also the leader of demonstrators participated in this action. He yelled the demonstration participants to also pay attention for not littering while doing demonstrations.

95th Edition (25 October – 7 November 2010) Temuwulan Village: Open Defecation Free by Rahardhika Arista Temuwulan village locates in Jombang district, East Java province, Indonesia declared as the first Open Defecation Free (ODF) in Perak sub-district, Jombang district, East Java province, Indonesia. To achieve this, the village has adopted the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) program which previously applied successfully in most parts of Bangladesh and India. CLTS focuses on full community participation to improve rural sanitation from planning to realization of development. The concept was translated in the program Total Sanitation and Sanitation Marketing (SToPS). It took about two years to be an ODF village. Abdul Kharis, the chairman of Stops committee in Temuwulan village used a personal approach to trigger people to care about the urgency of ODF. He talked about diseases that could arise because of open defecation and shows the reality around them and used jokes that inspires laughter so that people do not feel compelled to change. People agreed to have a village regulation concerning open defecation. People who caught defecating in any place at the village will be fined fifty thousand rupiah or around 5-6 U$.

53rd Edition (16 - 29 March 2009) The Garbage from Legislative Campaign Compared to previous elections, the 2009 Election produced more garbage during the campaign since each legislative candidate was being expected to campaign by her/himself. The results, open spaces were full with banners and stickers in all over the country. If we observed and read the content of each sticker or banner more carefully, we found some funny statements. For examples, "I am happy if you just look at my photo. If you remember me, I will be happier", "Asking your blessing", "I've spent hundreds of millions for the campaign. Whatever it takes, I will do to win (though re-election)". Not uncommon people put his family member, ancestor or anyone else who is better known than themselves. They claimed to be descendants of King Siliwangi, X's wife, or father or Y. One candidate put a picture of a deceased person and painted it with white. This phenomenon shows that the candidates had no concern with the environment.

15th Edition (1-13 October 2007) Deforestation National mass media in Indonesia had raised the issue of deforestation when two editors of Lantan Bentala newsletter had a trip and found deforestation in Saree and Geumpang, Nanggore Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia.

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