T[edit | edit source]

TABOR SURFACE[edit | edit source]

(sol). A black nickel SELECTIVE SURFACE coating that typically absorbs 90 percent of the incoming SOLAR RADIATION but which radiates only about 10 percent as much radiation as would be emitted by a coat of FLAT BLACK PAINT.

F - surface de tabor
S - superficie tabor
TAIL[edit | edit source]

(wind). A flat piece of sheet metal that is attached to the extension of the WINDSHAFT of a WINDMILL. The plane of the tail is normally perpendicular to the wind so the tail may intercept changes in wind direction and turn the ROTOR around to face the wind. (Syn: vane)

F - empennage
S - punta del aspa
TAIL POLE[edit | edit source]

(wind) (arc). The projecting SPAR used to turn a WINDMILL that is not equipped with automatic WINDING gear.

F - barre de queue
S - saliente del aspa
TAILRACE[edit | edit source]

(hydr). The discharging CHANNEL of a HYDROPOWER system. It is that section of a RACE that is downstream of a hydropower device.

F - bief d'aval
S - canal de descarga
TAILWATER[edit | edit source]

(hydr). Water passing back into a discharging CHANNEL after being applied to a HYDROPOWER device.

F - eau d'aval
S - agua de descarga
TAILWATER LEVEL[edit | edit source]

(hydr) (meas). The depth of the TAILWATER as measured at a reference point on its surface.

F - niveau de l'eau d'aval
S - nivel de la descarga
TAILWINDED[edit | edit source]

(wind). The condition when a WINDMILL is caught by a sudden change in wind direction, which exerts pressure on the wrong side of the SAIL assembly.

F - a vent arriere
S - con viento de cola
THERMAL[edit | edit source]

(gen). Having to do with the use or production of heat. Also any reaction caused by heat.

F - thermique
S - termico
THERMAL ADMITTANCE[edit | edit source]

(heat) (meas). The total amount of BTUs that a square foot (929 square centimenters) of a surface will admit in one hour.

F - admittance thermique
S - admision termica
THERMAL COLLECTOR[edit | edit source]

(sol). (See: COLLECTOR)

F - capteur thermique
S - colector termico
THERMAL CONDUCTANCE[edit | edit source]

(heat) (meas). The amount of heat that will pass through a given amount of material in a given amount of time, and with a unit temperature difference maintained between the surfaces of the material under uniform and steady conditions.

F - conductance thermique
S - termoconductancia
THERMAL CONDUCTION[edit | edit source]

(heat). Heat transfer by direct contact from one substance to another of a lower temperature.

F - transmission de chaleur
S - termotransmision
THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY[edit | edit source]

(heat) (meas). The ability of a material to conduct heat. It is commonly measured in units of THERMAL CONDUCTANCE.

F - conductivite thermique
S - termoconductibilidad
THERMAL EFFICIENCY[edit | edit source]

(heat) (meas). A percentage that indicates the available heat that is converted to useful purposes. Thermal efficiency is used to evaluate wood-conserving stoves and numerous other devices.

F - rendement thermique
S - termorendimiento
THERMAL ENERGY[edit | edit source]

(heat). ENERGY from heat.

F - energie thermique
S - termoenergia
THERMAL LAG[edit | edit source]

(meas). The time required for the temperature of an area to reach that of an adjacent area, either by heating or cooling. For example, the time required for indoor air temperature to reach the cooler outside air temperature when there is no additional heat added to the house; or the time required for the inside surface of a TROMBE WALL to reach the temperature of the outside surface, which is exposed to the sun.

F - retard thermique
S - retardo termico
THERMAL MASS[edit | edit source]

(gen). Material or mass of sufficient size and density to store heat. Thermal mass walls are often used in buildings that use PASSIVE SOLAR HEATING techniques and NIGHT SKY RADIATION. (See also: TROMBE WALL)

F - masse thermique
S - masa termica
THERMAL POWER[edit | edit source]

(gen). Any type of ENERGY generated or developed through the use of HEAT ENERGY.

F - puissance thermique
S - termopotencia
THERMAL WINDS[edit | edit source]

(wind). Winds that are caused by the heating of the ground by SOLAR RADIATION.

F - vents thermiques
S - vientos termicos
THERMOCOUPLE[edit | edit source]

(meas) (impl). A device used to measure temperature. It is based on the principle that an electrical current is produced when two dissimilar wires are joined together and the junction is heated. Thermocouples are often used to measure temperatures at different levels in BIOGAS DIGESTERS, WOOD STOVES, KILNS, or other devices where use of a conventional thermometer would be difficult.

F - thermocouple
S - termopar
THERMOPHILLIC BACTERIA[edit | edit source]

(biocon). BACTERIA that grow best in a temperature range between 122-131 [degrees] F (50-55 [degrees] C).

F - bacteries thermophiles
S - bacteria termofilica
THERMOSYPHON[edit | edit source]

(sol). A CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM in which water automatically circulates between a SOLAR COLLECTOR and a water storage tank above it. A solar collector based on the THERMOSYPHON PRINCIPLE uses the natural difference in density between the warmer and cooler portions of a liquid.

F - thermosiphon
S - termosifon


F - circulation de thermosiphon
S - circulacion por termosifon
THERMOSYPHON EFFECT[edit | edit source]

(sol). (See: THERMOSYPHON)

F - effet thermosiphon
S - efecto de termosifon
THERMOSYPHON PRINCIPLE[edit | edit source]

(gen) (sol). The tendency of heated liquids to rise. In a SOLAR WATER HEATER, this principle is used to lift water from a SOLAR COLLECTOR to a storage tank above it without the use of a pump.

F - principe du thermosiphon
S - principio de termosifon
THIN STILLAGE[edit | edit source]

(biocon). The water soluble fraction of FERMENTED MASH plus the mash water.

F - residu dilue de distillation
S - residuos liquidos
TIDAL ENERGY[edit | edit source]

(ocean). The KINETIC ENERGY existing in the tides by virtue of the moving mass of water.

F - energie des marees
S - energia mareal
TIDAL POWER[edit | edit source]

(ocean). Mechanical POWER generated by the rise and fall of ocean tides, which may be converted into electricity.

F - puissance maremotrice
S - fuerza mareal
TILT ANGLE[edit | edit source]

(sol). The angle at which a SOLAR COLLECTOR is tilted upward from the horizon for maximum solar exposure and maximum heat collection.

F - angle d'inclination
S - angulo de inclinacion
TIME LAG[edit | edit source]

(sol) (meas). (See: THERMAL LAG)

F - retard
S - tiempo de retardo
TIP SPEED[edit | edit source]

(wind) (meas). The speed of the outer end or tip of a BLADE of a WINDMILL ROTOR. This speed may be faster than the rotation rate of the WIND SHAFT, and may be faster or slower than the actual WIND SPEED.

F - vitesse peripherique
S - velocidad de giro de las aspas
TIP SPEED RATIO[edit | edit source]

(wind) (meas). The quotient of the TIP SPEED and the actual WIND SPEED.

F - quotient de vitesse peripherique
S - relacion de las velocidades de giro
TORQUE[edit | edit source]

(gen). Any force that acts to produce rotation. The measured ability of a rotating part, such as a gear or shaft.

F - couple
S - par
TOTAL ENERGY HOUSE[edit | edit source]

(gen). A house that is heated, cooled, and receives its cooking and lighting POWER, completely from ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES.

F - maison a energie integrale
S - casa energetica total
TOTAL SOLIDS[edit | edit source]

(biocon) (meas). The proportion in weight of solids in a sample of SLURRY or other EFFLUENT (e.g. MASH).

F - fraction solide
S - solidos totales
TOWER[edit | edit source]

(wind). The main supporting structure of a WIND MACHINE. Towers are usually made of wood or steel, and are suitably braced to withstand the stress to which they are subjected.

F - pylone
S - torre
TOWER MILL[edit | edit source]

(wind) (arc). A WINDMILL made of masonry or brickwork, and usually fitted with a REVOLVING CAP.

F - eolienne sur pylone
S - molino de torre
TOXIN[edit | edit source]

(bio) (biocon). A material that inhibits the growth and metabolism of or kills micro-organisms, often by interfering with the normal chemical or biochemical processes. A toxin may cause a BIOGAS DIGESTER to stop producing gas.

F - toxine
S - toxina

(sol). A PHOTOVOLTAIC ARRAY that follows the path of the sun across the sky.

F - dispositif photovoltaique a poursuite solaire
S - conjunto fotovoltaico de seguimiento
TRACKING[edit | edit source]

(sol). Referring to adjustments that cause a SOLAR COOKER or a SOLAR COLLECTOR to "track" or follow the sun's path across the sky. Tracking is done either automatically or manually.

F - poursuite du soleil
S - seguimiento
TRACKING CONTROL[edit | edit source]

(sol) (impl). (See: AUTOMATIC TRACKING)

F - controle de la poursuite
S - control del seguimiento
TRAILING EDGE[edit | edit source]

(wind). The edge of a WINDMILL BLADE that lies on the side opposite the direction of rotation.

F - arete arriere
S - borde posterior
TRANSDUCER[edit | edit source]

(gen). A device that converts ENERGY from one form into another (e.g., PHOTOVOLTAIC CELL).

F - transducteur
S - transductor
TRANSFER MEDIUM[edit | edit source]

(sol). A substance that carries heat From a SOLAR COLLECTOR to a storage area or from a storage area to be warmed in a collector. Transfer mediums are usually either air, water, or antifreeze solutions.

F - agent de transfert
S - medio de transferencia
TRANSMITTANCE[edit | edit source]

(sol) (meas). The ratio of the RADIANT ENERGY transmitted through a substance to the total radiant energy falling on its surface. Transmittance is always affected by the thickness and composition of the substance, as well as by the INCIDENT ANGLE.

F - facteur de transmission
S - transmision
TRASH RACK[edit | edit source]

(hydr). A protective "screen" made of vertical bars that catches leaves, grass, and debris, keeping clear the intake of a HYDROPOWER device.

F - grille pare-bois
S - parrilla colectora
TREADLE MECHANISM[edit | edit source]

(gen). (See: TREADLE POWER)

F - mecanisme a pedale
S - mecanismo de pedal
TREADLE POWER[edit | edit source]

(gen). A use of foot POWER in which an up-and-down motion of the foot on a pedal produces a rotating motion on a machine.

F - puissance de pedale
S - energia producida por pedal
TREATED EFFLUENT[edit | edit source]

(biocon). Discharge from a BIOGAS DIGESTER that has been rendered harmless by reducing the number of PATHOGENS in it. The treatment often consists of either drying or COMPOSTING the EFFLUENT.

F - effluent traite
S - efluente tratado
TROMBE WALL[edit | edit source]

(constr) (heat) (sol). A masonry wall located directly inside windows that face the equator. The wall functions simultaneously as a structural element of the building and as a SOLAR COLLECTOR and HEAT STORAGE unit. (See also: THERMAL MASS)

F - mur de trombe
S - pared de trombe
TRUNION[edit | edit source]

(impl) (wind). A pin or pivot that is mounted on BEARINGS to rotate or turn something. It usually is used as a WINDMILL component. (See also: TURNTABLE)

F - tourillon
S - munon
TUBE-IN-PLATE ABSORBER[edit | edit source]

(sol). A metal ABSORBER PLATE with passages through which HEAT TRANSFER FLUID flows.

F - absorbeur a tubes internes
S - absorbedor con placa de tubos
TUBE-TYPE COLLECTOR[edit | edit source]

(sol). A COLLECTOR in which the TRANSFER MEDIUM FLOWS through metal tubes fastened to an ABSORBER PLATE.

F - capteur a tubes solidaires
S - colector con tubos
TURBINE[edit | edit source]

(gen). A device that converts the ENERGY in a stream of FLUID into mechanical energy. By passing the stream through a system of fixed and/or moving BLADES, a drive shaft is rotated.

F - turbine
S - turbina
TURBINE WHEEL[edit | edit source]

(hydr). The part of a WATER TURBINE that is attached to a drive shaft, and which holds the BLADES or CUPS that cause the wheel to rotate when struck by a stream of steam or water. The wheel rotates the shaft to produce mechanical or electrical POWER. (Syn: RUNNER)

F - roue de turbine
S - rueda turbina
TURBULENCE[edit | edit source]

(wind). Irregular motion and GUSTS in the WIND SPEED. (See also: MECHANICAL TURBULENCE)

F - turbulence
S - turbulencia
TURGO IMPULSE TURBINE[edit | edit source]

(hydr). An improved version of the PELTON WHEEL in which the JET is set at an angle to the face of the RUNNER. Water strikes the front of the BUCKETS and discharges at the opposite side.

F - turbine a impulsion turgo
S - turbina de impulsion turgo
TURNAROUND EFFICIENCY[edit | edit source]

(gen) (meas). The resulting EFFICIENCY when ENERGY is converted from one form to another and then changed back again into its original form or state.

F - rendement aller-retour
S - eficiencia resultante
TURNTABLE[edit | edit source]

(wind). A rotating platform on which the ROTOR, ROTOR SHAFT, and TAIL of a WINDMILL may move to orient the BLADES or SAILS into the wind.

F - plaque tournante
S - plataforma giratoria

U[edit | edit source]

ULTRA-VIOLET RADIATION[edit | edit source]

(sol). Electromagnetic RADIATION, usually from the sun, that consists of wavelengths that are shorter than the violet end of the visible spectrum.

F - rayons ultra-violet
S - radiacion ultravioleta
UNDERSHOT WATER WHEEL[edit | edit source]

(hydr). A WATER WHEEL driven by water that strikes the underside of the wheel.

F - roue en dessous
S - rueda hidraulica de admision inferior
UNDIGESTED SOLIDS[edit | edit source]

(biocon). Heterogenous BIOMASS, contained in either the SLURRY or EFFLUENT, which has not DECOMPOSED in a BIOGAS DIGESTER.

F - solides non-digeres
S - solidos sin digerir
UNGLAZED COLLECTOR[edit | edit source]

(sol). A COLLECTOR without a cover.

F - capteur non-vitre
S - colector no vidriado
UPDRAFT[edit | edit source]

(prod) (gen). [1] Referring to a PRODUCER GAS GENERATOR in which the air-gas mixture flows upward to the engine. [2] Any cooking or heating device (e.g., a KILN) in which air for CONVECTION or combustion flows upward through the device.

F - tirage vers le haut
S - corriente aerea ascendente
UPLONG[edit | edit source]

(wind) (arc). A longitudinal bar in the BACKSTAY of a SAIL.

F - barre longitudinale
S - varilla longitudinal
UPWIND[edit | edit source]

(wind). [1] On the same side as the direction from which the wind is blowing (i.e. , in the path of the oncoming wind). [2] A type of WINDMILL in which the ROTOR remains between the oncoming wind and the TOWER.

F - vent de proue
S - viento contrario
USED OIL[edit | edit source]

(heat). Automotive or other lubrication oil, which is "used up" or no longer useful for its original purpose. If mixed with water at a ratio of five to one, and then dripped onto a heated metal sheet, used oil will burst into flames. This makes it useful as a fuel. (Syn: waste oil)

F - huile epuisee
S - aceite usado
USEFUL ENERGY GAIN[edit | edit source]

(sol). The ENERGY absorbed by a SOLAR COLLECTOR that is not lost to the surrounding atmosphere and which may be used for space or water heating.

F - gain energetique utile
S - ganancia de energia util
USEFUL SOLAR HEAT[edit | edit source]

(sol). Heat delivered by a SOLAR COLLECTOR that can be applied for cooking, heating, or other purposes.

F - chaleur solaire utile
S - calor solar util
USEFUL WATER CAPACITY[edit | edit source]

(hydr) (meas). The volume of water that a reservoir can hold and usefully exploit, and which lies between the lowest and highest levels normally contained in the reservoir.

F - capacite utile en eau
S - capacidad aprovechable de agua
U-VALUE[edit | edit source]

(heat) (meas). The amount of heat that FLOWS in or out of a substance under constant conditions, in one hour, when there is a one degree difference in temperature between the air inside and outside the building. U-value is the inverse of RESISTANCE-VALUE.

F - valeur U
S - valor U

V[edit | edit source]

VACUUM DISTILLATION[edit | edit source]

(gen). DISTILLATION under reduced pressure. This lowers the boiling point of the distilled material so that it will not crack or decompose.

F - distillation sous vide
S - vacuodestilacion
VALVE ASSEMBLY[edit | edit source]

(gen). The assembled parts of a valve.

F - garniture de soupape
S - montaje de valvula
VANE]] [1][edit | edit source]

(hydr) (See: GUIDE VANE); [2] (wind) (See: TAIL)

F - aube
S - aspa
VAPOR LOCK[edit | edit source]

(auto). A blockage in a fuel line that is caused when the fuel vaporizes.

F - tampon de vapeur
S - obstruccion por vapor
VAPOR PRESSURE[edit | edit source]

(chem) (meas). The pressure of a vapor while in contact with its solid or liquid form. This is also referred to as saturated vapor pressure. The pressure rises with any increase in temperature.

F - tension de vapeur
S - presion del vapor
VERTICAL-AXIS WATER WHEEL[edit | edit source]

(hydr). A WATER WHEEL that drives a vertical axis instead of the more common horizontal axis

F - roue hydraulique a axe vertical
S - rueda hidraulica de eje vertical
VERTICAL-AXIS WIND MACHINE[edit | edit source]

(wind). A WIND MACHINE in which the WINDSHAFT is on a vertical axis. This type of device may accept wind from any direction. (See also: DARRIEUS ROTOR; SAVONIUS ROTOR)

F - eolienne axe vertical
S - generador eolico de eje vertical
VIOLET CELL[edit | edit source]

(sol). A type of SILICON SOLAR CELL that is more effective than conventional PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS in converting sunlight to electricity from the violet and ULTRA-VIOLET range of the light spectrum.

F - cellule violette
S - celula violeta
VISCOSITY[edit | edit source]

(chem). The resistance to FLOW or change of shape due to molecular cohesion and internal friction in FLUIDS. Viscosity varies inversely with temperature.

F - viscosite
S - viscosidad
VOLATILE[edit | edit source]

(gen) (refrig). [1] Easily burned, unstable, or explosive. [2] Liquids that are readily evaporated at a relatively low temperature.

F - volatile
S - volatil
VOLATILE ACIDS[edit | edit source]

(biocon). Fatty ACIDS of a low molecular weight. These acids are very SOLUBLE.

F - acides volatiles
S - acidos volatiles

W[edit | edit source]

WASTE CONVERSION TO ENERGY[edit | edit source]

(biocon). (See: BIOCONVERSION)

F - conversion des dechets en energie
S - conversion energetica de desperdicios
WASTE HEAT[edit | edit source]

(heat). Heat that is left after useful ENERGY generation.

F - chaleur perdue [1]
S - calor perdido
WATER-AIR HEAT EXCHANGER[edit | edit source]

(heat). A HEAT EXCHANGER in which FLUIDS may either be heated or cooled by water or air.

F - echangeur de chaleur eau/air
S - termopermutador de agua-aire
WATER BED[edit | edit source]

(sol). Shallow plastic bags that are filled with water and placed on roofs of homes or buildings. In cooler climates, the bags collect SOLAR ENERGY during the day, and radiate heat to the building during the day and radiate this heat to the sky at night, thus cooling the building. In warmer climates, panels are placed over the bags during the day and removed at night so the bags can draw off heat from the building and keep it cool.

F - lit d'eau
S - lecho de agua
WATER CHUTE[edit | edit source]

(hydr). A steep CHANNEL by which water descends in force. Water chutes are used to create or increase the HEAD for a HYDROPOWER system.

F - chute d'eau
S - caida de agua
WATER HYACINTHS[edit | edit source]

(biocon). A type of water plant with a high carbon content, which makes it very useful as FEEDSTOCK for BIOGAS production.

F - eichornia
S - jacinto de agua
WATER JACKET[edit | edit source]

(auto) (prod). A casing or compartment containing water that is placed around all or part of a device to keep it cool, as around the cylinders or cylinder head of an internal combustion engine.

F - chemise a eau
S - envuelta de agua
WATER MILL[edit | edit source]

(hydr). A MILL driven by a WATER WHEEL.

F - moulin hydraulique
S - molino hidraulico
WATERPOWER[edit | edit source]

(hydr). The ENERGY in water as derived from its weight or momentum, and which may be used to drive machinery, generate electricity, or for other purposes. (Syn: HYDROPOWER)

F - energie hydraulique
S - energia hidraulica
WATER PUMPING WINDMILLS[edit | edit source]

(wind). (See: WIND-POWERED PUMP)

F - eoliennes de pompage
S - molinos de viento con bombas hidraulicas
WATER SEAL[edit | edit source]

(biocon). The part of a GASHOLDER designed to prevent the METHANE from mixing with air and becoming potentially explosive. It generally is created by submerging a portion of the holder in water.

F - joint hydraulique
S - junta hidraulica
WATERSHED[edit | edit source]

(hydr). [1] the divide or crestline dividing two drainage areas. [2] The area draining into a river, stream etc.

F - [1] ligne de partage des eaux; [2] bassin hydrographique
S - divisoria de aguas
WATER TURBINE[edit | edit source]

(hydr). A device that converts the ENERGY of falling water into rotating mechanical energy. Water turbines are usually smaller than WATER WHEELS and operate at the higher speeds required to generate electricity.

F - turbine hydraulique
S - turbina hidraulica
WATER WHEEL[edit | edit source]

(hydr). A wheel with BUCKETS or BLADES that allow it to be turned by the weight or velocity of falling water or by water moving underneath it.

F - roue hydraulique
S - rueda hidraulica
WATT[edit | edit source]

(elec) (meas). The unit rate at which work is done in an electrical circuit. One watt equals one JOULE of work per second.

F - watt
S - vatio
WAVE POWER[edit | edit source]

(ocean). The production of electricity by harnessing ocean wave movements through the use of specialized TURBINES or other devices.

F - energie des vagues
S - energia de las olas
WEATHERED SAILS[edit | edit source]

(wind) (arc). SAILS with variable pitch from the inner to the outer edge.

F - ailes a airage
S - velas inclinadas
WEATHER STRIPPING[edit | edit source]

(gen). Narrow strips of rubber, felt, metal or other material that are used to conserve ENERGY by preventing air INFILTRATION around doors or windows.

F - bourrelets d'etancheite
S - moldura
W.E.C.S. or [[WECS


F - S.C.E.E. ou #SCEE]]
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