Hello supporters and believers in appropriateness for richly and sustainable lives! My name is Christopher Sam- but I prefer to be called kili(pronounced key-lee) in here. But why? Well kili is appropriate. You see in Kiswahili we rarely have consonant clusters( like the kr in Christopher) and the r was replaced by l respecting the local accent of where I grew up. And so its simply kili an appropriate Christopher in Kiswahili .

This scenario reveal to us that there is a sort of natural and usually unnoticed endeavour towards appropriateness. And I thus believe giving it deliberate measures will never be impossible.

I am an ardent supporter and doer of appropriate technology and I have got a number of appropriate technology projects going already and one is here. I did not know what to call myself or exactly name what I am doing until when I came across Curt Beckmann user page and found the word neophyte. And so now I know. I am an appropriate technology neophyte-with emphasis on efficient use of energy and renewable energies.

I am a Lawyer with a Degree in Law from the University of Dar es Salaam but never worked as a full time Lawyer. Currently working as a part-time teacher and sometimes I volunteer with the United nations Online Volunteer service. I am Tanzanian and based in Tanzania.

I strongly believe that lots of hardships and troubles in Developing countries will vanish by just doing what is appropriate. This is my motivation behind joining appropedia and becoming appropedia Translation Coordinator. This will enable me play a ¨part in disseminating useful information to millions of people around the world in languages best understood by them.

Resources are abundant but managing them to promote richly sustainable lives seems to be a problem.

Appropriate technology will always be a ladder for the human race to climb onto richly and sustainable lives. How do we get information on appropriate technology across the globe fast, afford-ably and in an understandable language? an appropriate technology wiki is the answer.

And so I call upon you to join forces and make the world a better place for all with richly and sustainable lives.

Kiswahili[edit | edit source]

Kwa msaada juu ya kurasa za kiswahili tafadhali tuma ujumbe kwa mawasilano hapo chini

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