1. A printer that will constantly monitor and send live updates.

-Camera for live updates

-Messages sent to user- 'print done', 'print failed', etc.

-Before print, check conditions & inform user of probability of success

  1. A sensor that checks for filament
    • A little laser tripwire would go above the extruder
    • This tripwire would constantly be checking for filament, as long as the laser is tripped, it will know that the printer is still getting filament
    • If the extruder is no longer getting filament, the laser would connect, and this would make the Arduino print a message to the screen saying, "Low filament, pausing print" and make a beeping sound to alert the user.
    • To continue the print, insert more filament and hit the "Resume Print" button

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Ian Armesy's 3D Printing Page [[User: 07:45, 20 April 2018 (PDT)]]

camera or 3D sensor apparatus connected to a computer which will monitor the progress of the print. If a tolerance is exceeded during the print the print will be shut down and the user will be notified that it failed

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