Hello world! This is me, Jacob! I'm a senior math and computer science major at Principia College, currently taking a class about 3D printers. So far, I have found this to be quite the interesting class. As a creator, I am quite fond of the open source spirit of the class. Open source means that a project of some sort is open to the public. This means that not only can the public use the final product for free, but that anyone can have access to the source and has the option of making and submitting their own changes to the project. In the past, I have mostly seen this as a process confined to the world of software due to software's digital, portable nature. However, this class has taught me that much more than software can be open source and that open source doesn't mean non-profit. The Jellybox printer that we have been building in class is built entirely from open source hardware designs. One of the core creators has made money off of this by selling the parts used in the printer to others. This has not only made the product much more affordable than pre-built printer options, but has allowed many people to help improve the original design. By purchasing Jellybox parts and building a Jellybox, we have not only shown support for this project and the open source movement, but have encouraged everyone in the class to continue being part of the Open Source movement in the future. Personally, I am always working on a project. For instance, I am currently in the beginning stages of working on a designing a tournament generator using a brand new algorithm. Now that I am more aware of the Open Source movement, once my project gets to a releasable state, I could very well see myself making the project open source.

My Projects[edit | edit source]

The 'House' Project
House.jpg This was my very first print attempt! All things considered, I think it came out quite well!
The Tensile Strength
Tensilestrength.jpg We were told to make a print fill 100% fill, so here is the tensile strength tester I made!
Rock Wall Piece
Rockwall.jpg Each person in the class was asked to design a rock for a rock wall using OpenSCAD, my favorite modeling tool. I decided to make mine a perfect octagon with a nice hand hold.
Celtic Box
Celtbox.jpg For my mash-up project, I decided to make a small storage box, covered in lots of Celtic knots!
Homework/Supply Organizer
Hworganizer.jpg The math department at Principia College requested I design and build an organizer to help with grading math homework. The resulting product has room for plenty of homework papers, as well as supply pockets on each of the sides. Here is the link to its NIH page: NIH Link
Protractor/Spirit Level
Protractorlevel.jpg For my OSAT project, I designed a protractor with a spirit level. Check it out in more detail here:
Big Money Project
Desktopdrawer.jpg For my big money project, I designed a drawer for desktops that fits in a 5.25 inch drive bay. The usual cost of this is $15-$20, but I was able to print it out for about $2. Check out the files here:

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cute Penguin!

Picture Gallery[edit | edit source]

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