Hitchhiking (also called lifting or thumbing) is a form of transport, in which the traveller tries to get a lift (ride) from another traveller, usually a car or truck driver. It's a more sustainable form of transport than driving your own car, but it still requires people to drive cars in general. Hitchhiking is

Hitchhiking is considered "dangerous" by many, but there are many countries where hitchhiking is very normal, sometimes for free (e.g. in Israel) and sometimes for money (e.g. in many third world countries). If you insist on going around hitchhiking in developing countries without paying it's a good idea to explain that you don't want to pay for the ride. In Western countries hitchhiking is quite well known but in some areas it's frowned upon. In such places as California, France and Germany it's fairly easy to hitchhike, whereas it's much harder in e.g. Italy and Spain.

Hitchhiking out of cities is usually much harder. In places where you're not allowed to walk on the highway it's common practice to find your next ride on gas stations along the highway.

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  • Hitchwiki.org, a wiki with lots of information about hitchhiking.

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