All Discovery Award teams will be required to publish pages on Appropedia prior to the Prototype Showcase on 18th August 2021. These pages will serve as a portal through which judges and users will access each team's training module.

Workshop date: 22 July 2021, 3 - 4.30pm BST

This workshop is designed to help teams understand Appropedia's purpose, features, and capabilities for the Global Surgical Training Challenge. It will improve your understanding of how Appropedia should be used for the Protype Showcase and Finalist Awards. Teams will also complete a series of simple assignments prior to the workshop to begin the process of creating Appropedia pages. We recommend that each team designate 1-2 team members to participate in this workshop. Ideally these individuals will lead the creation of their team's Appropedia page.

Desired outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Improve understanding of Appropedia's purpose and key features
  • Improve understanding of Appropedia's capabilities
  • Improve understanding of expectations for team pages by Prototype Showcase and finalist stage
  • Coach teams in the build and creation of their team pages for their training module

Pre-Workshop Assignments[edit | edit source]

Prior to the workshop, teams will complete a series of simple assignments to begin the process of creating Appropedia pages. Video tutorials will be provided to help teams complete the assignments.

  • By 12 July: teams will create Appropedia accounts, invite team members to a private "sandbox" to experiment with Appropedia, upload team photos and videos and create a custom team banner.
  • By 19 July: teams will sketch out an initial sitemap and draft a syllabus page on Appropedia.

Requesting Technical Support[edit | edit source]

A ticketing system, called "talk", is available here to allow teams to submit requests for technical support and review similar questions from other teams. Depending on the nature of the request, a member of the GSTC will:

  • Help you find existing guidance or resources such as the GSTC Toolbox.
  • Troubleshoot via email, a Zoom call, or on the ticketing "talk" board.
  • Refer you to the mentor manager for additional support.
  • Address common concerns during the Appropedia workshop.

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Time Focus Details
10 min Welcome
10 min General Discussion:

Why Appropedia for GSTC?

  • Value of open source content: licensing, open learning, searchability, and reproducibility (Julieta).
  • Customizability by teams (Emilio)
10 min General Discussion:

How should Appropedia be used?

  • Standards for prototype showcase (Patrick)
  • Standards for judging (Catherine)
  • Demonstration of exemplar course (video 5:32)
  • "You will make a Syllabus"
60 min Practical Demonstrations:

Exhibition of Appropedia's key features and live Q&A with teams

  • Brief demonstrations of Appropedia's features, templates, and capabilities
  • Live Q&A with teams

Working Topics[edit | edit source]

General Discussion[edit | edit source]

  • Licensing and open education
  • Making your content searchable (ontology)
  • Reproducibility (general principles)

Practical Demos[edit | edit source]

  • Successfully documenting a physical model?
    • Best practices for documentation
    • Photos
    • Did you make the model correctly?
    • Reproducibility ("testing your recipe" material selection/documentation, substitutions, variations etc)
  • Annotating a video (i.e. jumping to the right section both with annotations under the video and inline links that can take you to portions of the video)
  • Constructing a video for skill building and subskills
  • Building a quiz
  • Integrating outside content into the workflow
  • Responding to requests in real time

Resources[edit | edit source]

Demonstration steps[edit | edit source]

Create page

You can do it in different ways:

  • Type the URL in the address bar.
  • Create a link to a non-existent page (such as GSTC demonstration), open the page and start it.
Create a notice template
Add databoxes
Add and annotate a video
| video =
| annotations =
* 0:00 Introduction
* 0:50 Administration and assessment
* 1:29 Module example: [[Airway Management]]
* 2:36 Accessing the module through [[NREMT Skillset]]
* 2:45 Video content
* 2:57 Expanded subskills and equipment
* 3:08 General content
* 3:14 Didactic and external materials
Write a page description
This program is run by the Foothill College EMS Programs. The materials in this course encompass the psychomotor skills necessary for becoming eligible to sit the NREMT national certification exam, as well as the supplemental skills necessary to become a certified EMT in the state of California. They are listed in the order in which they should be learned, with a focus on mastering the fundamentals first, as some later skills build upon techniques learned in earlier skills. Typically the course is taught in a 2 quarter sequence.
Write a quiz

Create GSTC demonstration quiz. See the documentation at Wikiversity:Help:Quiz.

<quiz display=simple>

{Do you like Appropedia?
+ yes
+ also yes
+ both

{Complete the skill names from the [[NREMT Skillset]].
Cardiopulmonary { Resucitation _12 }, Airway { Management|management _10 }, Upper Limb { Splinting _9 }

{Appropedia has
Over { 1300 } pages.

{Which Appropedia templates contain the following parameters?
| equipment | annotations | keywords
-+- Video 
--+ Page data
+-- Medical skill data

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