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Site Search Optimization - SEO[edit | edit source]


Have you ever noticed when you search for something on the internet, all sorts of things pop up that seem to have little to do with your search terms? Learn how to make associations to help people find your information or website in a more efficient manner.

Telementoring[edit | edit source]


With today’s technology making it possible, (phones, internet, video conferencing, etc.) having a subject matter expert (SME) in one country providing guidance to a caregiver in another country or continent separated by an ocean is a feasible reality. The reality of needing the specialist in the same location is no longer a limiting factor in providing the care or sharing the expertise and knowledge.

Software platforms[edit | edit source]

Assessment[edit | edit source]


When learning something new only a portion of what is being instructed is absorbed by the student. A test is typically administered in attempts to assess the student’s comprehension and recall of the subject.