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Have you ever noticed when you search for something on the internet, all sorts of things pop up that seem to have little to do with your search terms? Learn how to make associations to help people find your information or website more efficiently.

Farm-Fresh health.png Telementoring[edit | edit source]

With today’s technology making it possible (phones, internet, video conferencing, etc.), having a subject matter expert (SME) in one country guiding a caregiver in another country or continent separated by an ocean is a feasible reality. The reality of needing the specialist in the exact location is no longer a limiting factor in providing the care or sharing the expertise and knowledge.

Sourceforge logo.svg Software platforms[edit | edit source]

Farm-Fresh dns setting.png Team building and project management[edit | edit source]

With today's technology, there are several frameworks and digital tools for team building and project management to help streamline the process and increase productivity. Typically, project management software follows the agile development method and focuses on releasing products by features.

Framework / toolkit:

Team dynamic and conflict resolution:

Project management:

Software / tools:

Popular product management and project tracking tools:

One-click time scheduling across time zones:

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