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Name Muhammad Hanif Wicaksono
Location Cambridge, Massachusetts
Nationality Indonesia
Languages English, Indonesian
Skills product management, design
Interests design
Links hanifu.me
Registered 2021
Impact 407
Contributions GSTC Toolbox/Online work and collaboration

Hi, I'm Hanif. Using mixed methods in market research, UX research, and product strategy, I empathize, analyze, and translate user needs, hardening ambiguous concepts to roadmap and deliver innovative products and services. Currently I am working as Learning Product Specialist at MIT Solve, helping product development for the Global Surgical Training Challenge.

Work on Global Surgical Training Challenge[edit | edit source]

Since 2021 I serve as a Learning Product Specialist. Some of the activities that I am currently involved in are communications, project management, and product development. Sometimes, I also learn another skills and build networking experience.

Step by step procedures[edit | edit source]


Do this.


Do that.

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