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Humboldt Coastal Nature Center at 220 Stamps Lane, Manila, CA.

Friends of the Dunes is a "not-for-profit that has been involving the community in the conservation of coastal environments since 1982. Based in Humboldt County California, FOD is best known for coastal ecosystem restoration, education programs and guided walks. In its role as a land trust, FOD acquired 113 acres of coastal dune property now known as the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center (HCNC). Efforts are currently underway to transform the HCNC's Stamps House into an interpretive center and home base for FOD programs."

Mission: "Friends of the Dunes is dedicated to conserving the natural diversity of coastal environments through community supported education and stewardship programs."

Projects[edit | edit source]

The Spring 2012 semester of ENGR215 Introduction to Design worked with Friends of the Dunes to design and build projects that support the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center at 220 Stamps Lane, Manila, CA.

Press[edit | edit source]

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