Cooling can be achieved in a number of ways, through design and through devices to remove heat.

Air conditioning is a standard solution, but resorting to this as a first solution is bad economics, and usually very bad for the environment. Air conditioning should be a last resort, and for special circumstances. When air conditioning is used, it should be used in combination with other ways of staying cool, and the temperature should be set just cool enough. Don't set it so cold that you need a blanket or jacket - this is very wasteful.

The most important first step is design, particularly passive solar design. (See for example Cooling Homes in the Hot, Humid Tropics.)

Additional cooling can achieved through fans (e.g. ceiling fans) and/or evaporative coolersW (such as the BRC Evaporative Cooler). Hexayurt cooling, aimed at cooling the person rather than the structure, is under development.

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