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This solar chimney can be made with low cost materials and a little labor. It has no moving parts. The sunnier the day, the more effective it is.

The principle[edit | edit source]

A black painted, 150 mm diameter metal tube stands out of the roof, 6 to 8 meters high; the air inside gets hot and rises creating an airflow which draws cool air into the building, possibly through an Evaporative cooler.

Making it[edit | edit source]

In order to have the air swirling (to improve heat transfer between the air and the pipe) you also need a slotted cylinder 200-300 mm in diameter, welded to the bottom of the black tube. The slots must be vertical and have their rims bent inwards so the air enters the chimney with a circular motion..

Alternative design idea[edit | edit source]

In the Hexayurt, the aspiration device could be used alone, with a wet cloth fitted on an air inlet near the ground, using the evaporation to cool and moisten the incoming air.

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