These are the countries that our travel intern will be in for 2010. If you know of a potential partner, please click edit next to the state and add the organization to the list. Don't worry about formatting.

Dates (2010) State Groups Projects
August 15-September 1 Oaxaca UABJO
September 2 - September 13 Oaxaca Institute of Nature and Society of Oaxaca
Permaculture Demonstration Center in San Andres Huayapam
September 10- September 16 Mexico City Isla Urbana
September 16- September 22 Mexico City Sembradores Urbanos
September 22 to end of September25 Mexico City Semillero Romita
September 25 to October beginning Mexico City International Renewable Resources Institute-Mexico
October beginning - October 10th Mexico City Laboratorio de Ajusco de Tecnologia Alternativa
October 10th - October 20th Mexico City International Renewable Resources Institute-Mexico

Invitation to Add Your Organization/Community/Project to this list[edit | edit source]


Your organization or community is doing amazing work. Other communities could learn a lot from what you are doing, yet you are too busy doing great work to have time to document your efforts. Appropedia has our first travel intern that wants to come document your best projects/engagements.

Your duties[edit | edit source]

  • Provide projects or engagements for our intern to document
  • Provide time to answer some of the intern's questions about what makes your project so impactful
  • Make sure the intern has a safe place to stay and eat (covering her food and lodging is optional, but greatly appreciated)

The intern's duties[edit | edit source]

  • Document the best projects and engagements of your organization or community in a short, accurate, manner.
  • Help share your work with others via Appropedia and social media channels.
  • Be a professional and valuable presence at your site for 1 day to 1 week.

This year the intern is looking to spend June through July in South America and August through September in Central America. If your community or organization has a project for us to document (as part of this or another future internship), and a place for her to stay during the days it will take to document those projects, please contact us at

Thank you,

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