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If you can help us with the technical needs here, please edit this page, leave a note via the talk page or even better, join our tech team. You can make a huge difference!

What's involved? As much time as you want to spare. A few hours per week or month would be fantastic.

Wanted skills[edit source]

We can use your skills if you have experience in PHP and XHTML/CSS, or more specifically in MediaWiki or WordPress. More specifically:

  • Our platforms are MediaWiki and to a lesser extent WordPress, both of which are coded in PHP. We are working on getting a number of extensions working (see the Tech workstream). This means researching, choosing possible solutions, installing them on the dev site and troubleshooting, as well as related server work.
  • We do some work with Pywikipediabot, which uses Python scripts. See A:Bot tasks. There are sometimes some modifications we would like to make to the scripts.
  • Smart phone apps for iPhone (Objective C and/or C++?) and Android (Java and/or C++?). We hope to have a mobile skin active soon, but an app for people to get in the Android Market or iPhone app store would be a big plus.
  • Skin - we are working on a mobile skin and probably a new regular skin (or more precisely, User:Tahnok is working on them, mid-2011).
  • An anti-vandal bot - adapt from from one of the ones used on Wikipedia. (This looks like a difficult job, though, and isn't one of our top priorities, so only if this is the only task that grabs your interest.)
  • Navigation banner for visitors from partner sites. (Work in progress, mid-2011).

Tasks[edit source]

Tasks are managed at our BetterMeans workstream. (Some older proposals are listed at Appropedia:Site development/Desired features.)

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