Season 2 of Open Climate has begun! See below for information about our recent call.

Interested in knowing who we are? Read more about us! In a nutshell: we are a group of colleagues from the open technology & knowledge movement who felt the pressing need to address the missing opportunities for collaboration in climate action. That's why we started the Open Climate calls. Check out our Season 1 of calls.

For 2022 our plan is to expand on these initial debates, but also bring them to concrete action through workshops and public seminars. So, we would like to invite you all to come along!

Here are some of the things to expect for 2022:

  • "Season Two" of our “Open Climate Community Calls.” See below for information on dates and as speakers and facilitators are added to the list. Interested in giving a talk or facilitating a call? Reach out to us via the Open Climate talk page.
  • In March 2022, we’ll be hosting an Open Climate party to help bring more people to work with us at the intersection of the planetary and the digital commons!
  • We’ll be piloting a model for community workshops as well. If you have a question that you think members of the open movement could help solve (e.g. how do we open data used in the IPCC reports?) and are interested in convening a workshop, please reach out.
  • We are drafting the syllabus for a public seminar on the question of the planetary and digital commons. Our seminar will be open to the public and will have a hybrid format (something between a MOOC and a discussion group), so it can be taken as a course for those who are interested in diving deep into the literature on the commons.

Upcoming calls - We're taking a break on July. We'll be back on August with more calls![edit | edit source]

Other resources and events[edit | edit source]

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