Note: this page often gets out of date. We'll probably create userboxes for past and current interns to help keep track.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This page provides information of prior interns that have contributed to the Appropedia:Vision and mission. We are a group of individuals that originate from a plethora of backgrounds all united under a single, yet vast vision. Below are individual biographies and topics of interest per intern. If you are interested in an internship with Appropedia please visit, Appropedia:Interns.

Previous Interns[edit | edit source]

Fatima Hashmi
Fatima, an international exchange student at Clarion University joined Appropedia as an intern during the Fall of 2007. Fatima attended Kinnaird College in Pakistan majoring in environmental science and has since graduated, and is in pursuit of a graduate degree focused on sustainable development. Fatima is interested in water sanitation among other environmental issues. Some of Fatima's contributions are: Bottle washing and steam sterilisation (Practical Action Brief), and Home composting (Practical Action Brief). For more information about Fatima, visit her user page here.
Steven Medina
Steven is currently attending Humboldt State University pursuing a degree in Environmental Resources Engineering. He plans to further his education in hope of gaining experience and knowledge in mathematical and computer modeling of environmental systems. As an Appropedia intern, Steven focused on the technical aspects of maintaining and contributing to Appropedia. Here are some of his contributions: Peanut Processing (Practical Action Technical Brief), and Plywood Boats in South India (Practical Action Technical Brief). For more information about Steven, visit his user page here.
Julia Seitz was a German student from the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg in Bavaria that spent time studying abroad at Clarion University. She was studying Economic Development, International Politics and Trade. She collaborated with professor of the Department for Modern Languages and Cultures, Dr. Eleanor ter Horst User:E.terHorst, and several other students of Clarion University to create a German section on Appropedia.
Doaa Balfakih was a chemistry student who developed the Category:Green chemistry
Phil Lucas (Appropedia work)
Our Travel Interns, Isabell Kimbrough and Carrie Schaden, who documented projects from Mexico, Central America and South America in 2010.
William Dineen - tech intern.

The list above may be incomplete.

Current[edit | edit source]

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