Fundraising is essential to sustaining the Appropedia Foundation, Appropedia community and of course the Appropedia wiki site - and essential to having a greater impact.

Funding bodies[edit | edit source]

Funding bodies that we are or should be in conversation with (whether or not this directly leads to funding). Feel free to add suggestions!

  • The Clarence Foundation Area of common interest: member of Open Sustainability Network, so clearly appreciates the importance of the work we do. (anyone in contact?)
  • Common interest: looks to have strategic impact; based on the power of the internet (conversations have started - October 2008) (Curt taking lead)
  • The Body Shop. Common interest: small farmers in developing countries (well being, farming tech)

Any time we get knocked back - ask for suggestions of some other funders who might say yes.

Fundraising platforms[edit | edit source]

We need to choose one - or more than one - and run with it.

Hosted solutions - much easier to try and to set up, less time demand. (Probably the most logical alternative for us while we have no paid staff.)

  • - a very active community of people who would appreciate what Appropedia is doing. The idea of having a donation method which is distinct from those used by for-profit is good for the impression we create; it also means being in a system that has something of a community feel and that a lot of people already recognize and use. Some of the blogs on are actually very good - so the site will probably appeal to the kinds of people we want to engage with.
  • is also doing something a bit like - but seems to me to be the more engaging and successful one.
  • ChipIn - enter "what you're collecting money for, how much you want to raise, and when you need it by." Then promote: "Embed the ChipIn Widget on your favorite Web site or create your own ChipIn page at Donations are made with ChipIn's secure service and PayPal.
  • ?


  • Set up a CiviCRM site? What's the advantage?

Ideas[edit | edit source]

Won't they take a big fee on the money-transfer?
  • Sell print versions of printouts of good categories? See the report Company sells 54,000 German Wikipedia article collections on Amazon. However, we would need to set up an arrangement with a friendly printer, and get a percentage of the sale. It might be seen as not very green, but encouraging surface shipping would help, as would making separate printing arrangements on different continents, to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping.
  • It can be offered some sort of small token gifts to give to all active users and donators, as evidence of their support, and to make them show off the Appropedia logotype and webadress more in their community. These items must be made small, cheap and symbolic, like a diploma/certificate (printed on nice paper and sent in post or optional emailed pdf-version), embroidered textile badges, pins/buttons, calendar for a year (12 months with a photo from a AT-project on each months page, if done with beautiful photos it could become a collectors item, such as the long tradition of the Pirelli CalendarW), textile shopping bags, tshirts.
Larger, heavier and plastic objects should be avoided (i.e. Coffee mugs, car-bumper-stickers) (depending on production cost, weight and postage costs this would require setting a minimum donation level for each "gift", could result in huge administration? if done in large scale, and with too many options)
  • Perhaps it is possible to find collaborating project where unemployed and poor produce hand made gifts, (although shipping could eat up a lot of the donations). So it is possible to share the gratitude and greeting "online": making some short video clips showing different AT-projects that the money goes to in developing nations (with personalised greetings, fun messages in different languages on-screen) and/or (with a list of names of the donators on the side of the video)
This could become popular for the donators to send around the link to their friends, or post on their facebook page, to show what they are funding, or small companies can donate a sum of money equalling the cost of this christmas cards, that they usually sends to business contacts. And on this video page that people sending around is making Appropedia logo, web adress and motto visible to more future donators.
  • Art auction. If any volunteer is out on a AT-project and gets good contact with a school or creative painters, photographers, artisans we could build contact network with them for use in online auctions, monthly or yearly event, where we auction paintings, landscape- or art-photos (the originals could be rolled up and sent by post, or digital high resolution files can be emailed or put on a database, so that buyers can go to a local printer- or photo-store to buy a large printed copy framed)
A version of bidding that I find little bit funny and causes auctions go faster, impulsively and potentially yields bigger income is the dutch auctionW method.

Specific requests[edit | edit source]

A program or something with a fairly well defined cost, approach and intended outcome, enables us to make a specific funding request. Ideas are listed at Appropedia:Fundraising/project proposals.

Members[edit | edit source]

Please help out - join the subcommittee. Consider adding your email address, and/or turning on alerts in your preferences, and watching this page.

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Discussion[View | Edit]

Breaking it down[edit source]

Time to plan! Please add to or improve the list below. --Chriswaterguy 19:27, 11 April 2013 (PDT)

To raise money we need:

(add your sig next to a point if you can can help with a role) - or write in the #Comments on the plan section below.

  • A team, including...
    • A team coordinator
    • At least 2-3 people on social media - FB, Twitter. Chriswaterguy
    • Someone with experience of running a campaign, to guide us. (If we go with a friendly crowdfunding platform such as StartSomeGood, they will offer some help.)
    • At least 1-2 people working on email communications with other
  • Team building: Finding suitable volunteers to join the team, through online volunteer sites. - Chriswaterguy
  • Communication material
    • Elevator pitch - Chriswaterguy is working on this with a friend in sales.
    • Stories
      • Collect more stories by:
        • asking individuals
        • creating a survey.
        • Curating stories we have already collected
  • Banner ads:
    • Graphic designer
    • A:Board agreement
    • Help from User:Lonny or another server admin to place the ad.

Comments on the plan[edit source]

  • I'll take on one or two of the roles here - I'll wait to see which are needed. --Chriswaterguy 19:27, 11 April 2013 (PDT)
  • Totally doable: This crowdfunder - is raising money to fund an individual to write a book, to be sold at $40. How much more can we raise money to provide free knowledge?
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