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Appropedia:Fundraising/2012-13 fundraiser

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Planning page: Fundraising for Appropedia in 2012 & 2013.

The general idea: Run a holiday fundraiser for the end of 2012 & Jan 2013, to raise money for a server that will enable expansion of the site and a rollout of our cool new semantic tools. We don't have a lot of time & resources, so we'll keep this campaign simple.

The team[edit]

If you want to help, add your name below and leave a message for Chriswaterguy.

Key tasks for holiday fundraiser[edit]


  • Brief spiels (see #The story below) - a set of messages we can use without being too repetitive. Priority
    • Including: as a family or as friends, give to something you believe in at Christmas, rather than (or as well as) giving presents.
    • What we're asking for and why it matters.
    • Make a nice readable update of the year, to post on our blog and share around. Notes to work from here: 2012 in Review. (Chriswaterguy, Lizkimbrough?)
  • Select stories to use. Priority
    • (incl our own, our service learning partners, Jean's post on Facebook. Ask other FB & Twitter followers.)


  • Contact supporters - people who like us already, who don't need a fancy message.
  • Promote:
    • on social media
    • on blog (Chriswaterguy to lead - help with writing or copyediting is welcome.)
    • on front page and with a site notice. Priority
    • among friendly communities & networkers - Ben, Jean, Doug, Michel, Vinay, Lucas... (maybe save the big push for a bit later, as these networks are not always very familiar with us.
    • among our personal friends - with an inspiring message rather than a high pressure one.

Extra - good if possible:

  • Platform:
    • Extra funding channels and options. (Curt will look into regular payments.)
    • Less distractions on donation page (Chriswaterguy)
    • Highly visible funding request on each page - Wikipedia style.
  • Video messages
  • Progress bar, showing how much has been donated relative to the target. As we're not using a fancy funding platform, this will presumably need to be manually updated - but it will still be a good visual.

The ask[edit]

A flexible ask, so that we can declare success in January even if we're short of the server cost; also making it clear that we can make use of money beyond the ~$7400.

Mainly for:

New server: Around $7400 more to get an awesome server.

The following are old notes - most are not relevant and I need to move them elsewhere. --Chriswaterguy 01:35, 20 December 2012 (PST)

Something we can launch with little or no effort on video production? E.g.:

  • Developer costs to do X, Y and Z. Focus on...
    • Ease of editing:
      • Category tools, or other editing tools? Great but not very sexy. (Don't specifically mention the Semantic Forms - we might be funding that another way.)
      • Expand (and simplify) Appropedia's implicit invitation to request users to post content-related questions ("articles they want to see")
      • Expand (and simplify) Appropedia's implicit invitation to provide feedback on articles
    • Spam-fighting tools. Frame them as tools for openness and quality improvement.
    • Communication & social tools for the wiki. (What can we realistically do at this point?)
    • Look at our list of top requests on BetterMeans for other ideas (I'll do this --Chriswaterguy 20:32, 30 November 2012 (PST))
  • Expanding our base and our content:
    • Expand our service learning program, to create more awesomeness.
    • Expand awareness of Appropedia? (No, it's hard to ask for donations for advertising.) Recruit knowledgeable people? (Sounds better. We need a plan for this, if someone asks.)
  • But keep it broad enough that we can use the money for the server.

The story[edit]

(What we've done - what difference this will make. How it changes the world. Our community...

Individual stories. Each of us on the fundraising team write or speak a testimonial?

Giving for holidays...


After this campaign[edit]

Sometime in early 2013: Run a more polished campaign for a wider audience, maybe on a crowdfunding site like Indiegogo or StartSomeGood, to expand Appropedia's programs and impact - including employing people, doing tech development... See Appropedia:Fundraising/2013 crowdfunding campaign.

The messages worked out for this campaign can be adapted for birthdays - donate instead of giving a present - or other fundraising efforts by supporters. "Sponsor our permablitz and support Appropedia", "Come to our human-powered concert - proceeds to Appropedia"...