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Lonny, directly related to Appropedia:

  • Summer 2012, Directed Practivistas Dominicana student teams completed three different projects: retrofitting a small scale DIY windpower station made from waste products to be more cost effective and hurricane safe while lighting aschoolroom (La_Yuca_small_scale_renewable_energy_2012); updating a rainwater catchment system at a school to be more potable and building a new rainwater catchment system at a new school location (https://www.appropedia.org/La_Yuca_rainwater_catchment_2012); and building a ruralschoolroom from waste products including paper, plastic bottles, broken tiles, sawdust and more (https://www.appropedia.org/Las_Malvinas_ecoladrillo_schoolroom_2012).

Foreign students study with Dominican students, live with their own Dominican families, and design/build projects with community members.

Lonny's presentations & work on the theme (but no specific pages/projects on Appropedia...?):

  • Continued consulting.

Advisor for Thrivable, Kleiwerks International, ...

  • Facilitating , e.g. 2 days of Stanford Sierra Camp on Entrepreneurship in Undergraduate Education.
  • Presenting, e.g. International Education Week; Keynote for First Annual Sustainable Building Conference in Santo Domingo; NCIIA open conference on infusing entrepreneurship into engineering education; Inaugural presentation at Poe Park on Local Resources for Building Resilient Homes, Schoolrooms, and Communities.
  • Continuing work as executive editor of the IJSLE. Journals and we published a book called convergence.

That is just a short list... I am sure I am missing a bunch, like publishing a paper, writing a small part for a kid's book, interviews, all the 305 projects (see https://www.appropedia.org/Engr305_Appropriate_Technology_Projects for some of them... note that link covers lots of years), started at least one new course, worked with clients on projects like https://www.appropedia.org/Arcata_bags, made http://pequals.com/rain,

Joshua's work:

Other classes:

  • Jesse Mischa
  • Brennan Lagasse, SNC

Tech developments:

  • Semantic extensions installed
  • Spam filter
  • Downtime
  • Server funding

Plans for 2013[edit | edit source]

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