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  • Set up to accept monthly payments. See "True Fan" option at http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Donate
  • Finish some MOUs and make them official (Ekopedia so far) and discuss with partners. While we have great relationships with fantastic, reputable organizations, an MOU helps to demonstrate this fact to funders (as well as having other advantages in providing a point of reference for future cooperation).
  • Make a good support page for those site visitors who would support us (that page especially for "crowdsourcing".) All the Category:About Appropedia pages are important for our fundraising activities. In any page asking for donations, there needs to be:
  • a clear "ask" and offer a symbolic "reward" in the donation request, creating a sense and some sort of visible evidence that their contribution is making a difference.
  • demonstration of our credibility - this is both factual/logical and the overal impression.
  • Work out arrangements with tax exempt orgs in other countries, that would let donors from those countries support projects connected to Appropedia (e.g. Summer of Content) and get a tax exemption. Chriswaterguy is pursuing one in Australia; Andrew and Chris are pursuing one or more possibilities in the UK. (Yeahvle knows that here in Sweden it have been some talks in our leading party of writing a bill, making it possible even here to deduct taxes against donations for nonprofits, culture and charities. They have never existed here but companies and individuals donate a lot to Save the Children, RedCross and so on...)

Ongoing tasks[edit source]

  • Develop relationships with funding bodies - whether or not they fund us, they may be supportive and helpful.
    • This partly involves making a lot of phone calls, to foundations as well as companies.
    • Look for cases where the organization's field of interest lines up with our area of work.
    • Develop ideas for projects or aspect of Appropedia's work that could be funded, at Appropedia:Fundraising working group/ideas.