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Appropedia:Fundraising/potential sources

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  • Get people to donate $5 that they would have spent on their Friday coffee. (See - this is done for a different cause each week, raising $3000 in some cases.[1])
  • See Wikimedia's fundraising efforts - 6 monthly (?) drives, a collapsible banner across the top of the page, and a letter from the founder.
  • Advertising - is there a green or ethical ad service? Natural Path Media requires “minimum traffic of 50,000 monthly uniques” - we're not there now (Dec 2008) but should reach it in the coming year - early in the year if our content development efforts work well.
  • Grants from companies, foundations or individual philanthropists that appreciate our vision and/or have related interests. This might include those parties interested in:
  • Agriculture
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Appropriate technology
  • Public health
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Distributed collaboration

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