These are an attempt initiated by the Appropedia Foundation to organize specific tasks, such as engagement, promotion and communication... they seem to have stalled, so anyone who wants to take them up or suggest an alternative approach, please do so.

Appropedia:Initiatives are a slightly different approach and have had a bit more activity. It may be, though, that the structure is a very minor issue, and the key is to find people who want to focus on particular areas, through Appropedia:Internships or general Appropedia:Publicity.

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ROUGH DRAFT - Appropedia Board Mtg Notes 10 Apr 2008

An Appropedia subcommittee is a site collaborations which the Appropedia Foundation's board of directors has identified as a high priority, and where one person has been identified as the "lead," to:

  • Keep the board informed of progress
  • Ensure momentum is maintained - take responsibility to ensure that the group stays active and effective .
    • Deadlines may be a part of this process

The "lead" will often be a member of the Board of Directors, which makes it easier to present progress reports at board meetings, but it may be someone else.

Of course this in no way prevents other members from taking such a role - a group which is already active and effective may require no special action from the lead, who can instead do other work.

As with all Appropedia collaborations, contributions are sought from all. In rare cases there may be a need to organize phone calls or online chats, in which case it may be necessary to restrict the size of the group that meets in this way, or choose a time that may not suit all. However, contributions through the group's Appropedia wikipage remain open.

Active subcommittees[edit | edit source]

See the listing at Category:Appropedia subcommittees.

All active sumcommittees are marked with the {{apsubcommittee}} template at the members section.

Proposed/future subcommittees[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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