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Lonny Grafman, President
Lonny Grafman is an Instructor of Environmental Resources Engineering and Appropriate Technology at Humboldt State University; the co-founder and instructor in a summer abroad, full immersion, Spanish language and appropriate technology summer program in Parras, Mexico; and the executive editor of the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering. Lonny seeks ways to increase knowledge of the world through exposure and synthesis and believes that science, culture and language are inextricably linked. He seeks to highlight that connection through service-learning based education while working to improve existing conditions by leveraging local knowledge, materials, wealth and labor through transparency and stakeholder participation.
Curt Beckmann, Treasurer
Curt has a background in high-tech, with a degree in Physics and an MBA. He has co-founded a successful start-up.
Chris Watkins, Secretary
Chris Watkins is a water and sanitation engineer, with experience in fair trade import and distribution. Chris speaks fluent Indonesian. While he remains passionate about water and sanitation for the world, he is now focused on knowledge-sharing and empowerment as the means to achieve these and other strategic goals. He also consults on wikis and in technical writing on sustainable technologies and policies.
Andrew has worked with the University of Cambridge Office for Community Affairs and co-founded the Humanitarian Centre in his spare time. He worked for more than three years with disaster relief organisation RedR, including at their Nairobi office. Andrew became Chief Executive of student-led international development charity Engineers Without Borders UK in December 2008 after winning a World of Difference grant from the Vodafone Foundation. He is also the technical editor of the UNESCO Engineering Report, and a Visiting Lecturer for the Engineering and Technology Board (UK). In his previous role of Education Co-ordinator for EWB-UK he focused on change in the undergraduate engineering curriculum to include consideration of global issues and more transferable skills. Andrew co-authored a report with John Kentish (People & Planet) and Ellen Roberts and Claire Bennett (Development in Action) entitled "Students As Active Global Citizens". Andrew graduated as an Electronic and Information Engineer from the University of Cambridge.

Past directors[edit source]

Joel.scott Joel Scott is a California-based attorney with a passion for Creative Commons and open knowledge, who joined the board in April 2008.
Catherine Lainé received her B.A. from Swarthmore College in Biology. After spending a year and a half as an academic visitor at the Wellcome Trust Center For the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at Oxford University, she began her studies at Harvard School of Public Health in Infectious Disease Epidemiology. She is currently a PhD candidate and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute PreDoctoral Fellow. She is fluent in French and proficient in Haitian Creole and Spanish.