Engineers Without Borders (EWB) UK (or EWB-UK) is operated primarily by UK-based university students.

EWB-UK does not undertake its own projects, but supports those of other organizations. It maintains links with other Engineers Without Borders organizations, from other countries.[1]

Mission & Aims[edit | edit source]

EWB-UK's mission is to "Facilitate Human Development through Engineering."[2]

Its aims are to:

  • educate, and raise the awareness about issues in human development;
  • promote research on and contribute towards engineering solutions for human development;
  • provide an competent and knowledgeable professional development workers, and;
  • become a mark of excellence for those intending to participate in development work.

Approach[edit | edit source]

To achieve its mission and its aims, EWB-UK:

  • trains and educates students and recent graduates
  • uses student volunteers and academics to undertake research;
  • relies on the effort of professional volunteers
  • provides suitable students and recent graduates on placements to help developing communities with their engineering needs, and;
  • raises funding from ethical sources.

Connection with Appropedia[edit | edit source]

The current CEO of Engineers Without Borders UK is Andrew Lamb, who is also a director of the Appropedia Foundation.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. EWB-UK Website [1]
  2. EWB-UK Website [2]

External links[edit | edit source]

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