There are many different projects that deserve support. We can make specific cases for funding on a particular project. (For more extended proposals, describe in a sentence or two here and link to the proposal on a separate page.)

Improve structure of Appropedia, to make the best content findable:

  • 25-50 hours just running a bot to add categories (Chriswaterguy has developed the bot but running it is time-consuming)
  • 25-50 hours adding wikilinks (Chriswaterguy has developed the bot but running it is time-consuming)
  • Add like and/or voting features, to help bring the most interesting content to the surface. (Jason Smithson?)

Improve usability and editor engagement:


  • Video creation

Improve front page:

  • Create feeds of interesting content (e.g. highlighted page feed, new popular page feed...) and give them a suitable look for our front page.

Expand content.

  • List Appropedia:Content Initiatives here when ready for action. Expenses are for support and active oversight of project and its volunteers?
  • Documenting & travel interns - a volunteer (preferably someone already contributing to Appropedia) to document the good work of organizations in a specific field. (Contribute to expenses for the volunteer - they can also do fundraising? Plus active support and oversight.)
  • ---

Older suggestions, to merge:

managing interns, or technology upgrade, or porting of a body of content (e.g. from CD3WD), or merging with Ekopedia, or making the site integrate effectively (API and more) with OAN, EWB-UK, WiserEarth etc.

Proposing a modest-sized project, raising a bit of money and executing the program, will be really important for establishing a track record, and of course be good for Appropedia.

  • Upgrade servers for new features like Semantic MediaWiki.

Pay for work to be done (either internally or hiring people externally):

  • Skin work
  • Implementing UX & information architecture features: Appropedia:Usability grant request
  • Porting work identify manageable size, dependency-free components:
    • Develop porting tools, esp for PDF and multiple image uploads
    • Porting helpers (knowledge sharing funding)
  • Improve Bot work - the original Mozilla grant idea. (More suitable for a foundation grant, I think --Chriswaterguy 21:40, 13 April 2009 (UTC).)Reply[reply]
  • Offline content bundles (Development funding)
  • itinerant documenters (Development volunteer funding)
  • student documenters for local projects (as with Arcata Marsh) (Ed funding)
  • seek open license releases for valuable content (possible in connection with OLPC and/or Summer of Content).
  • restructure content (along the lines of the Mozilla proposal)
  • oversee development of OLPC content bundles
  • pursue MoUs
  • manage volunteers
  • connection/PR project - engage with potential new users/stakeholders:
    • universities
    • NGOs
    • Bloggers
    • online communities
    • classes of user
  • tech work
    • do specific tech tasks and/or
    • be responsible for all tech tasks and/or
    • oversee technical work (UI, features, etc) incl managing volunteers and/or paid developers
    • Improving translation tools for MediaWiki - possible joint grant proposal with other interested parties.

Writings and insights[edit | edit source]

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models[1] talks about:

the need to understand both the donor value proposition and the recipient value proposition... (and) about all nonprofits being in two "businesses"—one related to their program activities and the other related to raising charitable "subsidies."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Stanford Social Innovation Review, March 16, 2009

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