Note: for the MoU specifically for the Open Sustainability Network, please see OSN MOU.

Why do we need MoUs?[edit | edit source]

A memorandum of understanding provides:

  • A point of reference for all those associated with each project. Not a set of rules, but an understanding that there is in principle agreement to cooperate, and thus any work in that direction by members of the organization will be encouraged. This could save a lot of time in confirming each step of proposed measures, such as content sharing - obstacles which often prevent any real progress being made.
  • A kind of "pass" for contact with related organizations. E.g. many organizations are keen to work with OLPC; OLPC (from discussions with SJ) seems happy for Appropedia to be the bridge for the content for these organizations to be packaged for distribution with OLPC's laptops, but it would help to have something in writing to point to.
  • A reminder and point of focus even for those involved with preparing and agreeing to the MoU.
  • A demonstration that these organizations take Appropedia seriously - helpful when seeking funding, and for demonstrating to other partners that we are doing serious work and collaborating with Appropedia can have a real impact.

With...?[edit | edit source]

A Memorandum of Understanding can be pursued with any like-minded organization that we want to work with. Important ones to start with include:

Draft[edit | edit source]


Would we use MOUs to build up the supporting member groups of OSN? (Curt) Seems reasonable... If yes, then perhaps need a specifically worded MOU (defining what the support entails). add:

  • Village Earth
  • FullBellyProject
  • SolarCooking.Wikia
  • Akvo
  • Arch for Hum / OAN
  • etc
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