The OLPC (or One Laptop Per Child) project includes putting bundles of information onto the XO laptop, so that users have access to information without even having internet access.

When the OLPC's XO laptops are delivered to children around the world, they have a selection of content pre-installed. This includes content in their own language and other languages; it includes:

  • content that we would easily recognize as educational material;
  • games; and
  • knowledge about wellbeing, sustainability, making efficient use of resources, and building resilient communities.

It is in the last category that Appropedia acts as a gathering point for knowledge. For Appropedia's work on contributing bundles, see Appropedia's OLPC content bundle.

How to contribute[edit | edit source]

So you want to contribute to contribute to the OLPC content bundles, and want to know how?

  • Use an open license for your work. All content that is pre-installed on XOs must have a open license - usually this is CC-BY-SA or CC-BY but there are other acceptable licenses.[1]
  • Either make a content bundle yourself, or share the content on a collection point site, such as Appropedia. Sharing it here:
    • gives it more visibility, and gives access to a wider group of readers and contributors, besides XO users.
    • avoids the technical details of making your own bundle.
    • invites contributions to develop the content is further.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. If you are not able to use an open license - usually because you have open access or non-commercial licensed content - but you still want to share, then you will have to do it through other channels. Consider working with one of the offline content collaborations, and perhaps leave a note on Talk:Offline content collaborations.

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