We want to:

  • Expand MediaWiki infrastructure for full-featured multi-language support.
  • Integrate auto-translation options (does this refer to things like translate.google.com? If so, clarify that this is tool for translators - we probably want to avoid widespread use of this tool as the only step in translation.)

There are a bunch of people interested in such things, who have already done some work on improving the way wikis facilitate translation.

Tool development[edit | edit source]

Machine translation[edit | edit source]

Machine translation applied to wikis:

Projects[edit | edit source]

Interested people and organizations[edit | edit source]

The core MediaWiki team are not currently (July 2008) working on translation tools, but this is because they have other priorities, not because they don't think it's useful (based on conversations at Wikimania 2008 - Chriswaterguy). There is nothing to stop someone developing these tools as extensions.

Other people[edit | edit source]

Others are known to be supportive and have some knowledge of the issues:

A joint grant proposal?[edit | edit source]

The Wikimedia Foundation and a bunch of organizations working in education, development etc could get together and look for grant funding for the coding to be done.