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Highlighted Project
New Dawn composting toilet
New Dawn composting toilet at a demonstration center in Costa Rica, helping treat human waste and provide fertilizer with a reduced bacteria count.

Main Areas What's Happening

In-country and academic projects, such as Bathing water project, Madura, Indonesia, 2000 and UTC Solar Distiller

such as Demotech, Practical Action and AIDG
Public education and discourse topics, Subject matter articles, e.g. Photovoltaics and Rainwater
Schools, Summer Intensives, Classes, Workshops, such as Parras
How to:
Step by step instructions, from how to Weld wood, to constructing a Home biogas system
Thesis papers: Make your thesis more accessible than in your university library, e.g. Water management & culture in Indonesian cities
Collaborate on events, publications, projects here, e.g. Car-Free Day
Information aggregated on specific topics e.g. Appropriate technology, Energy, Green living and Water

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