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Marcello Guadagno is a graduate research assistant pursuing his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Tech with a focus in developing moon rovers and ISRU technology. He has a Bachelors Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and International Leadership (Michigan Tech 2019). Marcello's interests and hobbies change with the wind but always fall within the domain of space.

Connect with Marcello here: LinkedIn

2.0 Open Source Science Instrument Class[edit | edit source]

2.1 Main Project[edit | edit source]

Main Project: Space Applications of Open Source Spectrometer
Goal: Test an open source spectrometer for aiding in lunar dust and volatiles identification
Background: [Background Text]
Project Page:
Literature Review (WIP): [1]

2.2 Mini Projects[edit | edit source]

3.0 Open Source 3D Printing Class[edit | edit source]

3.1 Main Project[edit | edit source]

Main Project: Lunar Regolith Printer
Goal: Build a printer capable of printing using a plastic polymer + lunar regolith compound.
Background: Humans must utilize the resources available to them on the moon if they are to permanently inhabit it. This printer will be the first in a line of open-source machines to aid in the development of sustainable lunar in-situ resource utilization efforts. The first iteration of our team's printer will demonstrate an affordable method of small-scale additive manufacturing that uses a plastic polymer mixed with a lunar regolith simulant (because real moon dust is very expensive).
Collaborators: Jacob Loss
Project Page: Stonehenge Project Page

3.2 Mini Projects[edit | edit source]

3.3 Big Projects[edit | edit source]

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