This tool is meant to provide a versatile and affordable means of testing the flow of air at critical mach numbers via open source hardware/software. This test environment is primarily composed of a 3D-printed 2D nozzle enclosed in an acrylic casing. Air is fed via pressurized gas canister into the inlet and the flow at the outlet is visualized via a shadow box.

This project was initially developed by Marcello Guadagno and Jacob Loss for Dr. Kazuya Tajiri (Kaz) at Michigan Technological University.

Software[edit | edit source]

This project uses the SciPy library in Python to generate a parametric openSCAD model for export to your 3D print slicer of choice.

  • Download Nozzle Code Here: Github

Hardware[edit | edit source]

All components can be found online or at your local hardware store. See BOM for details

Savings[edit | edit source]

  • Typical Cost: No standard product for this sold. All are custom designs and would be made from machined aluminum by a skilled machinist. Would cost at least $200 USD
  • OS Project Cost: ~$15.00 USD
  • Estimated Savings: > $180 USD

Results[edit | edit source]

BOM[edit | edit source]

Item Name Purpose QTY Cost Link
1/4" Male NPT to Compression Fitting Pressured Air connection to device. 1 $1.60 Amazon
1/4" OD Polyethylene Tube Pressured Air connection to device. 1 $0.79 Amazon
1/4" Bolts Assembly 8 $0.92 Amazon
1/4" Nuts Assembly 8 $0.64 Amazon
Washers Assembly 16 $1.03 Amazon
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