This literature search was for the paper: Bas Wijnen, Emily J. Hunt, Gerald C. Anzalone, Joshua M. Pearce, 2014. [1], PLoS ONE 9(9): e107216. [2]

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Commercial Syringe Pump Spec Sheet Comparison[edit | edit source]

Name Price Description Flowrate Force Additional Specs Website
Sono Tek Syringe Pump $1,800 Accepts up to 2 of the same types of syringes, capacity range from 10μ to 60mL. Also has additional valving that can set up the pump to fill the syringe. Minimum:.001 mL/min Maximum: 30 mL/min N/A *single shot and continuous flow operations [1]
GenieTouch Syringe Pump $675 The pump always knows how much is left in the syringe and how much the handle can be pushed down. Accuracy is based on carraige position detection, which is +/- 0.2mm. Minimum:.001 μL/hr Maximum: 220.82 mL/min Maximum: 196.13 N *auto positioning/stalling detection *multi-directional left or right application [2]
NE-4000 Programmable Double Syringe Pump $928 Dual pump system allows for continuous infusion or emulsification. Network, control, and monitor up to 100 pumps with one computer. Maximum: 102 mL/min Maximum: 444.82 N (at min speed) or 444.82 N(at max speed) *Dispensing accuracy of +/-1% *Max pumping rate: 6120 mL/hr with a B-D 60 cc syringe *Syringe inside diameter range: 0.100 to 50.00 mm [3] [4]
NE-300 "Just Infusion" Syringe Pump $260 Maximum: 25 mL/min N/A *up to 60mL syringes *infusion rate can be changed while pumping *INFUSES ONLY [5]
Fusion Touch 400 Syringe Pump $1,350 The Chemyx Fusion 400 syringe pump delivers pulseless, reproducible micro-flow rates, primarily used for microdialysis, lab-on-chip microfluidics, and high-sensitivty cell-injection use. A four-channel syringe clamp holds syringes from 1μl to 10ml designed for high-precision microsyringes.. Minimum: 2pL/min (0.5 μL syringe Maximum: 10 mL/min (10 mL syringe) Maximum: 222.41 N *Step Resolution is 0.016 microns *Accuracy ± 0.35% *Reproducibility ± 0.05% [6]]
Cole-Parmer Dual Syringe Infusion Pump $2,606 Minimum: 0.001 μL/hr Maximum: 147 mL/min Maximum: 275.79 kPa *Accepts 10 µL to 140 mL syringes *Reproducibility ± 0.2% *Accuracy ± 0.5% *Power: 115 VAC [7]
402 Syringe Pump from Gilson Inc. $5000-5500 Assures accuracy in sample transfer, dilution, reagent addition, mixing and more. Offers speed and reliability for repetitive liquid handling tasks. Minimum: 1 µL/min Maximum: 120 mL/min Maximum: 0.8 MPa(0.1 - 10-mL syringe) to 0.3 MPa(25-mL syringe) *Accuracy: 98.2% at 10 µL *Reproducibility: 0.8% at 10 µL *Injection Volume: 1.0 µL–25 mL [8]
Parker Smart Syringe Pump TBA The Parker Smart Syringe Pump is a long life, high precision pump which allows direct mounting at the point of dispense eliminating the need for a transfer line. Minimum: 7.5 nL/sec Maximum: 199.95 kPa *Accuracy: +/- 1% *Precision: <0.1% CV *Resolution: 228,495 steps [9]
Cole-Parmer Continuous Flow Syringe Pump $3,947 Hold up to four syringes to cycle continuously back and forth in a push-pull action. As two syringes are infusing, two syringes are withdrawing at the same rate. Minimum: 2.757 μL/hr Maximum: 70.56 mL/min Maximum: 177.93 N *Syringe size: 4-10uL to 60 mL *Reproducibility: +/- 0.1% *Accuracy: +/- <1% [10]
B.Braun/McGaw BD 360 Syringe Pump $435 Can be used as primary infusor or can deliver downstream secondary piggyback infusions. Maximum: 360mL/hr -- *Delivery Time: 10 - 60 min. in 2.5 min. increments *Accuracy: ± 3% * [11]
Fisher Scientific™ Single Syringe Pump $1,509 Applications: Calibrating, diluting, dispensing, dosing, emulsifying, fluid transfer, infusions Maximum: 519 mL/hr -- *Dispensing Volume: 10μL to 60mL *Auto shut off volume dispense mode [12]
Advanced Syringe Pump with Computer Control from Med Associates Inc. $1343.34 The PHM-111EC is controlled by an internal computer so that exact infusion rates can be set. Front panel switches allow for a simple setup, thus avoiding complicated menus or charts. Minimum:.025mL/hr Maximum: 430mL/hr (depending on the volume of the syringe) Minimum: 68.95 kPa Maximum: 413.685 kPa depending on the syringe) *Controls up to 16 pumps [13]
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