Anna Björkman (@bjorkmananna) was born eclectic. This may explain why she works in international cooperation and peace building, while having a funny relationship to the whole 'development' thing.

Tessy Britton (@TessyBritton) is a social designer obsessed with communities, humans, knowledge building & tangible stuff. Jam and Jerusalem meets IDEO.

Andy Broomfield (@andybroomfield) explores links between online and offline, develops web presences for social organizations, and photo documents the projects and events around London.

Laura Burns (@lauraburns400) is a poet and storyteller exploring the importance of re-enchanting and imagining ourselves and the world around us differently.

Neil Cantwell (@dissolvingpath) has studied philosophy and music. He has an ongoing status as Foreign Research Fellow at Shuchiin University, Kyoto.

Keri Facer (@kerileef) is a researcher and educator, currently exploring how the education institutions we've inherited can be redesigned as real public spaces.

Alex Fradera (@alexfradera) is entangled in improvisation, collaboration, and psychology. Most of his time is spent playing, teaching and writing about them.

Andy Gibson (@gandy) starts businesses that aim to make money whilst also changing the world. Because clearly just starting businesses that make money is far too easy.

Jeppe Graugaard (@jgraugaard) is currently researching grassroots innovations for his PhD. He recounts this journey and other stories on

Vinay Gupta (@leashless) is the inventor of the Hexayurt.

Dougald Hine (@dougald) spends his time writing, hosting conversations and creating organizations. He set up New Public Thinking after getting cross at the BBC.

Keith Kahn-Harris (@KeithKahnHarris) isn't sure what he does anymore but some of the time he is a writer, sociologist, salonist and educator.

Pat Kane (@theplayethic) is a musician, writer, consultant & activist. He is the author of The Play Ethic (2004) & his forthcoming book is Radical Animal. He is also one half of Scottish 80s pop group Hue & Cry.

Smari McCarthy (@smarimc) is an information activist who spends his time building technical, political and social infrastructure, through code, law & prose.

Bridget McKenzie (@bridgetmck) is a cultural learning consultant, founder director of Flow, writer of The Learning Planet, photographer and home schooler.

Pamela McLean (@pamela_mclean) used to be a primary school teacher. She became passionate about the internet and set up Dadamac to help connect people in the UK and Africa around the new possibilities for learning that it offers.

Noah Raford (@nraford) lives in Dubai, works for the government, thinks about the future, and does what he can to make it happen. He dreams of the stars but fights in the ditch and has a PhD from MIT.

Eleanor Saitta (@Dymaxion) breaks things for a living; mostly computers, sometimes countries. She is a painter, writer, hacker, designer, and nomadic barbarian.

Mike Small (@bellacaledonia) is an activist, writer & publisher originally from Aberdeen. He is a social ecologist, Scottish socialist and republican.

Nick Stewart (@nickstew_art) is a contemporary artist who would like to see art being a quality of life as much as stuff in galleries and museums.

Morten Svenstrup is a cellist and composer with an MA in art and cultural studies on time, music and society.

Andrew Taggart (@andrewjtaggart) is a philosophical counselor at home in New York City. He can be reached at

Chris T-T (@christt) is a writer, songwriter and recording artist. Since 1999 he has made eight albums and currently writes on the arts for The Morning Star.

Emily Wilkinson (@mindfulmaps) is an artist-navigator exploring creative learning, wellbeing and community. Often found wandering between nature and the city.

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