Storing milk

Take bottles that are perfectly clean, nice and dry. Milk the cow and fill it in a bottle. Just after filling the bottle with milk, quickly cover the bottle with a cork or its lid, then tighten it with string or wire. Then place the stubble/grass/reeds/straw under the kettle, where you will keep your bottles separated from the stubble/grass/reeds/straw.

The number of bottles should be enough for your kettle. Fill your kettle with cold water (milk bottles included) and heat, as soon as the water starts to boil, turn off the heat, and let everything cool down slowly. And when they are completely cold, take out your bottles, and pack them using tubes or cloths in boxes and store them in the coldest place of all, if it is in a house or a ship.

Milk stored in this way, even though it is 18 months in the bottle since milking, becomes sweet and good if it has been milked during that time (fresh).

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