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Designed by AlexW, published Aug 3rd 2014.

What it is[edit | edit source]

It combines the H14 (like an H13 but with a high point on both ends) with the H18 to produce a structure with two high areas ideal for (say north facing) windows.

We don't know how practical it would be for Burning Man (it may need serious structure in the roof) but it's an absolutely new direction in hexayurt design, a seminal point in the evolution.

How it was designed[edit | edit source]

Prior to rendering it on the computer, the designer played around with a few H13 varients using card. He produced a card model that started out as a H13, but he simply wanted more height at the front, so I took that up so that a full edge was full height (rather than a single vertex).

The structural strength of the design shown compared to other variants (1/6 and 2/6 of the central hexayurt raised to 12') seemed to be quite good. This is mainly due to the central join across the middle of the hexayurt that supports the windowed sections, along with the angled roof, that prevent it from slumping.

However, this wasn't strong enough so I took up another edge and this was incredibly insecure, so I took up the third segment and this was both secure and good-looking. Windows were added because it seemed that there was a logical space for them.

Uses[edit | edit source]

The designer had originally intended it to be a workshop-like area, so that the heightened area would be used for design and tinkering (with good overhead natural lighting provided by the windows), while the lower area would be for storage etc...

It could relatively easily translated for more practical use, so that the front area is for standing for tasks such as cooking etc. while the lower area would allow for sleeping.

Names[edit | edit source]

  • Numeric name: H17plus. 17 because it uses 17 panels. Plus because of the windows.
  • Architectural name: Clerestory yurt, clestayurt. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clerestory
  • Other names:
    • Hexamod.
    • Looks like a face. A bear or some other animal. Eyed-yurt.
    • Looks like a chapel.
  • The family is split-yurts. Sloped yurts. Semi-tall?

Real life implementation[edit | edit source]

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