This page is for posting whatever speculations or brainstorms you have for the Hexayurt project, and asking any kind of weird question you think might help move the project along. It's a sort of sandbox. If strong ideas get generated here, refine them and post them in the appropriate wiki page (or start a new page for it).

There are further and boarder ideas on the To Do Page, which include infrastructure ideas as well as online education organization updates.

Flying Saucer/back rest Hexayurt. Make slight trapezoids of 4x8 wall panels of 8' Hexayurt. Trim narrow wedges from the ends of the wall pannels. Put narrow, long edge downward. Wall will then go up and out from ground, giving Hexayurt cool flying saucer appearance and also, good backrest angle to walls (though I know it's not recommended--maybe do this only with 2" thick panels or with wall reinforcement.

ABREF refugee shelters[1] at first look similar to Hexayurts. Both systems have a regular hexagonal perimeter of vertical sides. Both systems make all the roof pieces converge on a single highest point in the center. Perhaps mixing the best ideas from both systems will produce something better than either one?

Tape Eave/Drip Line Make a short eave of tape so that rain does not run down the outside of the wall. Add a 2-5" doubled over flap of tape around edge of roof panels that sticks out beyond the wall. At the very least, make tape awnings above windows and doors.

Insect-repellent panels. Organic & non-toxic. Cheap? How about a "wide spectrum" insect repellent to stave off fleas and other grim nasties too?

Kirkyan Hexayurts. This would take more money than... but if hexayurts weren't just "spimes" -- trackable in space and time, intelligent enough to push info back to the right radio signal --- but "kirkyans" --- spimes that can use environmental information to alter their form and configuration for greater efficiency and problem solving. Autopoeitic systems, environmental controls? Other uses?

How do we get good Internet connection to these rural, poor camps after earthquakes? We can use the net to get very useful info quickly, and also use many apps on it as a 'virtual drive' to save info and come back to it later (like a Gmail accounts). Will the Gatr satellite sphere do this, or what else is needed?

Seed-impregnated hexacomb boards would make a ready to roll food source if the disaster were great enough that the camp would stand for 2+ months (depending on the crop). Just lay them out on the soil and use gray water. The hexacomb could come preloaded with soil. The roots would grow through the cardboard, into the topsoil.

All-season hexayurt As the structural isloation panel has two sides, one silver and one white, you could use the silver outside for hot seasons, and inside in winter. People inside would emit heat that would be reflected and saved, just as in an igloo. Also, any light used inside would reflect on the walls ; maybe it will make it possible to use very few energy for lighting : a bulb driven into a three-corner would spread much light.

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