The goal of this wiki section is to have a self contained body of knowledge under the "Hexayurt project" tab. I've been trying to clean up pages and combine information so that it's more like a book with references to different sections, instead of a combination of individual pages.

I want to make some pages with general information (such as Danger Hinge), some material pages with different options for construction, and then individual build pages. Having a few over arching design pages would then allow someone to choose the yurt they want for their application, check the materials page for whatever suits best, and then check smaller detail pages as needed. This allows for a better flow of information as new techniques and materials are found, without needing to update so many pages.

To Do[edit | edit source]

Organize Hexayurt playa, hexayurt playa checklist and hinge page to clean them up, remove excess information, and split unique information into unique pages

Create build pages for top 10 designs

Clean up material pages to show available options

Edit Infomatics and Basic Information pages

Add links to Construction Resources to show example materials for each category

Create schematics and flat design layouts for each build page, remove Schematics page?

Explore more infastructure pages across Appropedia and add links

Create map try to make something like

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