The main house and office space for EcoReality.

EcoReality is in the process of developing an ecovillage in the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. The ecovillage will be a model of sustainable land use and will feature public outreach and education as included goals.

We have a small core group of financial stakeholders, our members, who are currently working on the structure and organization of the ecovillage.

The members are aided by a larger circle of friends, family, and interested people, known as our Advisory Council. Many of these dedicated folk hope to live in our ecovillage someday; others are simply interested in assuring our success.

Participation in our Advisory Council is free, and you can ask to be removed at any time. It puts you on our low-volume email list, and gives you edit/add access to our wiki-based website.

The EcoReality building complex from nearby Mount Maxwell.

As of June, 2008, we have moved from our "starter" 4.8 acre demonstration site to a wonderful, 43 acre site, surrounded by a 61 acre community farmland site, an 83 acre organic heritage beef farm, and hundreds of acres of wild public parkland that protects our two streams to the highest peak on the island.

We are currently seeking those with approximately half the value of a typical North American suburban home to invest in their sustainable future with us. People of exceptional skill who have less financial resource may also be welcome, but our primary goal is to raise funds from investor-members to begin work on our planned thirteen-unit housing complex.

Please check out our site map and website and schedule a visit!

Founders[edit | edit source]

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