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E215 Introduction to Design projects/Gallery 2009 Fall

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Fall 2009 ENGR-215 Intro to Design Projects - CCAT and Network for a Health California
Bubble Box
Converts kinetic energy into electricity using a hand crank for means of education  
The CCAT Box
A composting toilet system to be used at CCAT  
A clothes dryer that incorporates airflow and low energy to dry clothes  
Kitchen Effluent filter
A filtration system that removes the particulate matter from the effluent of the CCAT kitchen sink  
Greywater Grease Trap
An improved grease trap to keep fats, oils, and grease out of the CCAT greywater system  
Cob protection and beautification
A plaster that protects and beautifies the cob installations at CCAT  
Public Health Bike Blender
A portable pedal powered blender that uses a flexible drive-shaft for The Network for a Healthy California - Northcoast Region