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Country Guides

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It is planned to develop a comprehensive set of country guides on Appropedia. These will help to prepare and equip aid and development workers, both paid and voluntary, before and during their work, and act as a resource whenever needed.

You may start the country guide for a particular location (country or region). In time a structure will be developed.

General pages[edit]

Every "country guide" will include information on general issues of culture and preparation needs. Resources for aid and development workers is the starting point - perhaps a guide will simply point to this page, highlighting certain pages as essential reading.

Also some of these pages from Category:Culture and development will be important:

Depending on the intended project, some more specific pages will be useful:

Specific countries[edit]

Click a redlink to start the new page, or start a page on a different country that you know about. Just add whatever information will be useful.

See also[edit]

  • Wikitravel - not tailored towards people who want to do international development, but an excellent resource none the less
  • Background reading: The relevant Wikipedia pages for the country, region and city or cities you are going to, plus the languages, cultural groups and history.

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