Comment vacuum1313 on Bathroom Toilet Unit way of use: dry fill or composting
I would like to suggest eliminating the "dry fill dugout". That method is odourous, removes nutrients from the food/soil cycle and once filled requires moving the bathroom to a new pit. All these problems are eliminated by composting the material if done properly. Visit for more FREE info. Note that if the objection is that sufficient organic material is not available in dry climates that using dry soil to cover/absorb fecal and urine wastes is possible and will result in a much improved soil after composting is finished.(vacuum1313)

Comment Reinder
Vacuum1313 is right, good composting is by far the better waste management. But sanitation is tricky. Cultural preferences play a big role in acceptance. The step from unprotected feaces from 'shitting behind the bush' towards private community sanitation may already be (too) big for easy acceptance by future users.
At Links related to composting and urine separating toilets Demotech list links to experiences of other researchers. Some state that they could easily convince future users to go for composting. Others state that composting was taboo.

Notes and links regarding recent project experiences on acceptance of composting feces versus moving to another location are most welcome in support of Demotech present projects for building these sanitation units.

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