This 3D printed pan is the beginnig of your own cast iron pan at home. Foundries use 3D printed model to begin prototype molds to ensure that molten metal fills and create the specific casts that they desire.


Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Make the Cast Iron Pan[edit | edit source]

3D printing Capability, Metal Casting Experience, of Sand Molds and Gray Iron Chemistry, Grinding

Bill of Materials[edit | edit source]

All 3D models can be found here (STLs, OpenSource CAD models)

Note: Pieces were printed separately and glued together

Wood Glue - Estimated cost $4

Foundry Access - Sand Molding, Molten Metal (Gray Iron for Cast Iron Pan), Grinder for optimal smooth cooking surface

Some steps are a secret of the foundry! Good Luck molding! Be Safe!

Discussion[View | Edit]

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